by Murshid F. A. Ali ElSenossi

In the Name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

Question: Why do people, knowing the false and the wrong things within them, not attempt to change them? And why do they not return to the straight path?

Answer: The reason for this is that they have kept themselves busy with pride in their knowledge, and did not busy themselves with its implementation. They become very rigid with the implementation of the outward and have neglected the adab of the inward. Because of this, Allah has blinded their hearts and restricted their limbs from worshipping and knowing Him.

The body becomes unwell because of dis-ease. The sickness of the heart is in disobedience to Allah. For this reason, the body cannot enjoy the taste of good food when it is diseased. It is the same with the heart; it cannot enjoy the sweet taste of spiritual practices because of persistence in wrongdoing.

For this reason, it has been said that there are three things present and three things are absent. Knowledge is available and implementation of that knowledge is absent. Implementation is available and sincerity is absent. Love is available and truthfulness in love is absent.

[Allah says: 'Anyone who is obedient to Me, I become his protector, so let him trust in Me and order his life by My commands. I swear by My Majesty, if he asks of Me to remove the world altogether, I will do so'. (Hilyat al Awliya 406/9)].

Wa ma tawfiq illa billah
Murshid F. A. Ali ElSenossi