The Burhaniyya Awrad in Downloadable format

In the Name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful

The Full Arabic Awrad

Volume One

Al Asaas (The Foundation)

Silsilat al Mashayakh al Sagheerah (The lesser chain)

Silsilat al Mashayakh al Kabeerah (The greater chain)

Hizb ul Sagheer (The lesser litany)

Hizb ul Kabeer (The greater litany)

Salat ul Dhaatil Muhammadiyyah (The Prayer of the Muhammadan Essence)

Salat Ibn Basheesh (The Prayer of Ibn Basheesh)

Tahseen as Sharif (The Noble Protection)

Khaatam us Salah (The Seal of the Prayer)


Volume Two

Al Hizb ul Mughni (The Litany of Enrichment)




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