The Burhaniyya Path of Knowledge
Volume One

Good News!

Alhamdulillah, the Awrad of the Burhaniyya-Dasuqiyyah-Shadhuliyya has now been published for the first time in an easy to read format specifically designed for the Western Seeker of knowledge. It contains the original Arabic text plus transliteration and English translations. It also contains all of the verses of Qur'an that you will need in order to begin your recitations. We are grateful to Allah for the opportunity to be a part of this great work - and may Allah illuminate the hearts of all those who assisted with this project and those who read it, seeking His Countenance.

Wa ma tawfiq illah billah. And there is no success except through Allah.

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Table of Contents

Volume One

Al Fatihah (The Opening Chapter -1)
Al Asaas (The Foundation)
Silsilat al Mashayakh al Sagheerah (The lesser chain)
Silsilat al Mashayakh al Kabeerah (The greater chain)
Hizb ul Sagheer (The lesser litany)
Hizb ul Kabeer (The greater litany)
Salat ul Dhaatil Muhammadiyyah
(The Prayer of the Muhammadan Essence)
Salat Ibn Basheesh (The Prayer of Ibn Basheesh)
Hizb ul Bahr (The Litany of the Sea)
Tahseen as Sharif (The Noble Protection)
Khaatam us Salah (The Seal of the Prayer)

Verses of the Holy Qur'an

Al Fatihah (The opening Chapter -1)
Ayat al Kursi (The verse of the Throne-2:255)
Laqad Jaa-akum Rasul
(There comes from among you a messenger- 9:128)
Surat al Kaafiroon (The Chapter of the Unbelievers -109)
Surat al Ikhlaas (The Chapter of Sincerity -112)
Surat al Falaq (The Chapter of the Dawn -113)
Surat an Naas (The Chapter of Mankind -114)

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