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New! Awrad of the Tariqa - the Burhaniyya Path of Knowledge by Murshid F. A. Ali ElSenossi

The Vehicle of Light Series 2010 ©Almiraj Sufi & Islamic Study Centre, Inc. $30.00. To view and purchase, click here

Sufi Terminology (Al-Qamus Al-Sufi)- The Mystical Language of Islam
Compiled by Amatullah Armstrong under the direction of Murshid F. A. Ali ElSenossi Book Four, 1995, 277 pp, p/b, $39.00 

The book for the traveller. Qamus: Dictionary. A qamus is a book full of definitions and meanings.  Each human is a qamus.  When man looks within his own self and contemplates the inner signs (ayats) and meanings (ma’ana) he may come to “know” Allah.  To make the Journey into the self, and through the levels of the Self is the most serious task to which a man can turn.  For this reason our bookshop recommends this book for every seeker of the knowledge of the Self, of Divinity and the Cosmos.

And The Sky Is Not The Limit
by Amatulla Armstrong. Book One p/b, 169 p. 5 colour photos, 1993, $20.00.

"God attracts to Himself whom He will, and in the case of Amatullah Armstrong it was a few days of contact with the “radiant beautiful people of Tunisia" which started her on the spiritual quest, and led her to “ yearn for Islam’ with a single-minded devotion.  Relying almost entirely on books - and after years of lonely study and longing - she found her Shaykh. Even then she had to wait several more years before she finally recognised him and was initiated into a spiritual Tradition.  Here she was indeed blessed by finding a true lover of God, who not only has a deep understanding of the outer and inner aspects of his Faith, but a rare ability to impart spiritual knowledge.  May this very genuine and sensitive story of an Australian woman’s search for Truth be an inspiration to Muslims and non-Muslims alike'. 
From the Introduction by Bernard Bethell.

Letters Inside The Journey
(a companion volume to ‘And The Sky...’)  by Amatullah Armstrong. 

Book Three, p/b, 206pp, 8 colour photos, 1995, $20.00  "Contained in the passages of this book are a few drops of the nectar of this teaching we call Tasawwuf [Sufism], which is the Islamic Spiritual Psychological Study of the Self and Knowledge of Divinity". 
From the Preface by F.A Murshid Ali ElSenossi

The Water of Life
by Amatullah Armstrong. 

Book Two, p/b, 1994, p.77 $20.00 
A traditional story for our time reflecting the problems and conditions of humanity today. Beautifully illustrated.

A Glimpse of Islam and its Inner Teachings
produced by Almiraj Sufi and Islamic Study Centre (32pp booklet $3.00)

This booklet is an introduction to both the outward and the inward teachings of Islam and Tasawwuf (Sufism).