The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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To come together

(Ijtima'). Allah, the Real is both Essence and Divinity. The Real, as Divinity, may come together with His creation. Allah descends and the slave ascends to meet within a mutual waystation. But such a 'coming together' is impossible for the Essence ...


(Lisan). The tongue indicates the eloquence or language with which Divine Statements enter the hearing of the Knowers of Allah. During the spiritual concert, when the voice of Allah enters the world on the tongue of the singer, the hearer who is rec...

Tongue of the Spiritual Guide
lisan al-murshid

(Lisan al Murshid). If the Spiritual Affinity existing between the Murshid and his murid attains to a high degree of purity the murid may be given the gift of speaking with the tongue of the Murshid. The Murshid's words become manifest through such ...

Tongue of the Spiritual State
lisan al-hal

(Lisan al Hal). These are the words which issue from the Knower or Lover when he is under the domination of his state. An example is the famous utterance "I am the Truth". But, in reality, everything in the cosmos speaks with the tongue of its state.

Torment and chastisement

('Adhab) represents the slave's separation from Allah. This separation is brought about by his seeing what is 'other-than-Allah'.

Tormentor, The

(Al Mu'adhdhib). A Divine Name.

Totally Aware, The

(Al Khabir). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


(Athar). Remainders or traces or vestiges or effects. The effects of the Divine Names are the phenomena of the cosmos. That is, the things and the forms and the entities which manifest the Names are the effects. When the inner-eye is opened the 'seer...


(Sakinah). This is the Perfect Peace which is to found at the Centre of the Heart where man dwells in the Divine Presence.


'Uluww - see 'Sublimity'.


Tanzih -see 'Incomparability'.


(Intiqaal). Transferral or passage. On the Journey of Return the friends of Allah pass from station to station. In moving to a higher station they do not depart from the lower one, rather their passage is with the lower one. It is the same with knowl...

Transferral of spiritual qualities
intiqal-i nisbat

(Intiqaali nisbaat). This is the transferral of lofty spiritual qualities from the Shaykh to his successor, at the moment of the Shaykh's death.


(Shaffaf). The spirits are translucent but they possess subtlety and when they are manifested in the form of corporeal bodies they appear to be dense because of the density of all corporeal bodies. (The water takes on the colour of the glass).


(Naql). Sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) are considered 'sound' if the chain of transmission (naql) is strong. Whereas the scholars only rely upon those sayings which are 'sound' by way of t...