The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Idbar). 'Transmit' or 'turn away'. When Allah created the Intellect He said to it 'Receive' (iqbal) (or 'turn towards [Me]'). When it had received He said to it 'Transmit' (idbar) (or 'turn away [from Me]') and it transmitted. The First Intellect is...


(Musaffir) is the traveller (salik) who understands invisible things through the analogy of visible ones, thereby swimming from the shore of this world to the further shore.


(Salik). The traveller or wayfarer. The murid in a tariqa who has the necessary qualifications for spiritual travel from his lower self, through the various spiritual stations, to his Higher Self and Unity, is a salik. Not all members of a tariqa are...


(Suluk) is travelling or Wayfaring. Suluk is journeying along the Spiritual Path of Return to the Source. It is the methodical travelling, through the states and stations, under the direction of a Spiritual Master (Shaykh, Murshid). The one who trave...


(Khizana). Allah is All-Possibility. Allah is Infinite and Eternal. Possibility is an inexhaustible treasury (Khizana) from which Allah continues to create forever.

Treasury of Imagination
khizana al-khayal

(Khizana al khayal). Treasury of Imagination.


(Shajarah). The Tree or Perfect Man.

Tree of Existence
shajarat al-wujud

(Shajarat al wujud). The tree of existence. Allah is the Root, the Divine Names are its boughs and we are its fruit (and He is its fruit!).

Tremendous Character
khuluq 'azim

(Khuluq 'atheem). Tremendous or sublime character. Allah addresses the Holy Prophet Muhammad in The Qur'an, telling him that he has a Khuluq 'Adheem (68:4). His character was as the Qur'an and the Qur'an is the Tremendous Qur'an (15:87). On the side ...

Tremendous, The
Al Atheem

(Al Atheem). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


(Ibtila). In being subjected to trial and affliction (Bala') the Sufi gains more Knowledge of Allah, Who is the First Cause. When hard times come the Sufi has a feast day, because he sees beyond the trial to Allah Himself. He sees beyond the contract...


(Imtihan). This is the fear, grief, contraction and awe coming from Allah and entering into the hearts of His friends. The affliction which affects both the heart and the body of the friend is considered to be a more honourable and exalted condition ...

True Love

('Ishqi Haqiqi). This is the stage of the First Descent of Being and is also known as 'Or Nearer', The Veil of Glory and the Reality of Muhammad. Only the Love of Allah is True Love. It is the Love which made manifest the Hidden Treasure. True Love i...


(Tawakkul) is total trust in and reliance upon Allah. It is the rank of the one with Certainty. It is a station in which everything and every affair is entrusted to Allah. Pure tawakkul is not blind faith. It is certainty based upon knowledge.


(Amanat). The Trust was offered to the heavens and the earth, but they refused to carry it, but mankind accepted the Trust. The Trust is to act as a locus of manifestation of the All-Comprehensive Name 'Allah'. The Perfect Man is the one who fulfills...