by Murshid F. A. Ali ElSenossi

In the Name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.


Paradise is of two types, relevant to both the outward and the inward - the Paradise of the Senses and the Paradise of the Spirit (the Immaterial). These are related to each other in the same way that there are two worlds - The world of witnessing ('Alam as Shahadah) and The world of the Unseen ('Alam al Ghayb); The world of density (kathif) and subtlety (latif); The Phenomenal World ('Alam al Mulk) and The Celestial Realm ('Alam al Malakut).

The Self that does as she has been commanded (to fulfil the Divine Plan), achieves a degree of felicity (nai'm) of the things that she loves; spiritual knowledge and the knowledge of Divinity and Being. She also gains felicity in whatever other desires she may have. The knowledge that this self possesses creates a particular type of Paradise for her. The self will be blessed with all that she desires and whatever has been refrained from in the material world will be granted to her. This is the Paradise of the Senses. The Paradise of the Immaterial is the spirit of the Paradise of the Senses.

The Holy One, Sayyidina Ali, the fourth successor of the Holy Prophet (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), said "If the veils were removed from my eyes, it would not increase me in certainty". His knowledge of Allah was of such a high degree, he witnessed that knowledge while still in this realm.

There are many different categories and levels of Paradise and each individual may experience one or more of these states of bliss, according to their own development.

1. Al Wasila - 'The Means'. This is the highest state of Paradise. This is reserved exclusively for the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

2. Al Adan - Eden

3. Jannat al Firdous - the Paradise of Paradise.

4. Jannat al Khuld - Limitless, perpetual, eternal Paradise.

5. Jannat un Nai'm - The Paradise of Bliss.

6. Jannat us Salam - The House of Peace.

7. Jannat ul Maqam - The Paradise of rank, position and dignity (or standing).

8. Jannat al Ikhtisaas - The Paradise of the field of specialisations

9. Jannat ul Mirath - The Paradise of Inheritance/Escheat - Those unfortunate ones who are not of the people of Paradise are shown what was to be their place, and then informed that because of their actions in this world, that place is now forfeit. It reverts back to its original owner, who gives it to whomever He pleases.

10. Jannat ul 'Amal - The Paradises of Actions - The Paradise of work, toil and function. These paradises are in accordance with the 99 Beautiful Names of God. Each Name manifests as a different type of paradise. They are created from the Divine Happiness (farah al ilahi).

No one ever feels deprived in any level of Paradise. Each is in the presence of Allah according to his or her station and is pleased with their abode. As we mentioned above, the Paradises are created from the Divine Happiness; from the attributes of Divine Perfection (kamal). The result of being in that state is the overwhelming feeling of exhilaration of that happiness and contentment (ibtihaaj/surur).