The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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ahadiyyat al-jam'
Unity of All-Comprehensiveness

(Ahadiyyat al Jam'). This is the stage of 'Or Nearer'. It is Union. It is Annihilation and Disappearance in Allah. Ahadiyyat al jam' is the final stage in the ascension to Allah, coming after the stage of 'Two Bows' Length'. This station belongs excl...

asma' jamaliyyah
Names of Beauty

(Asma Jamaliyyah). The Names of Beauty. These Names relate to Allah's similarity) and are demanded by the fact that Mercy precedes Wrath and Light erases darkness. The Names of Beauty include such Names as The Friend (al Wali), The Subtle (al Latif),...

al-bayt al-'izza
House of Glory

(Al Bayt al 'Izza). The House of Glory. This is the heart of the knower who is in a state of concentration and union (jam').

hadrat al-jam'
Presence of All-Comprehensiveness

(Hadrat al Jam').

hadrat al-jami'a
Presence - All Comprehensive

(Hadrat al Jamia). Man as the 'All-Comprehensive Presence'. This is the Perfect Man.


(Hujum). Sudden attacks on the heart through the power of the moment. These occur without any effort or action on the part of the slave. (Hawjama - a single red rose).

al-ism al-jami'
All Comprehensive Name

(Al Ism al Jami'). 'Allah' is the All Comprehensive Name because it gathers into itself all of the Divine Names.

Bringing together

(Jam'). Bringing together or gathering or all-comprehensiveness or unification or unitive experience. A reference to Truth without creation.

jam' al-addad
Bringing together of opposites

(Jam' al Addad). The coincidence or bringing together of opposites. The Name 'Allah' denotes both Essence and Divinity and brings together all the Names.

jam'uhu al-diddayn
He brings opposites together

(Jam'uhu al Diddayn). When asked, 'Through what do you know Allah?' one of the Masters answered, 'Through the fact that He brings opposites together'.

jam'-i himmat
Gathering of Spiritual Resolve

(Jam'i Himmat). Concentration or gathering of one's spiritual resolve upon the object of desire, and that Object is Allah.



al-jam'iyat al-ilahiyah
Divine Synthesis

(Al Jam'iyat al Ilahiyyah). This is the Divine Uniqueness by virtue of which every being is unique.

jam' al-jam'
Union of Union

(Jam' al Jam'). Gathering of the gathering. Jam' al jam' is the experience of union devoid of all distinctions, even of the idea of being one with Allah. This is the station of 'Two Bows' Length', the station of Perfection which is attained only by t...

jam' u tafriqa
Gatheredness and separation

(Jam' u tafriqa). Jam' is collectedness and tafriqa is separation. Tafriqa is a state when the mystic becomes conscious of himself as an individual and returns to himself after the ecstasy of intoxication with the Beloved. The highest degree of know...