The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Ignorance (jahil) Death (maut) Human Nature (nasut) People (ahl) Sign (ayat) Sea or Ocean (bahr) Expand (basat) Expansion (bast) Time (dahr) David (Daoud) Essence (dhat) Essential Nature of Allah (al-hahut) Aaron (Harun) Life (hayat) World of Domination (jabarut) Compulsion (jabr) Divine Attraction (jadhba) Attracted one (jadhbi) New (jadid) Jifr (jafr) Majesty (jalal) Sitting (jalsa) Society (jalwa) Bringing together (jam') Neighbour (jar) Ringing (jaras) Corporeal body (jasad) Jewel (jawhar) Recompense (jaza') Madness (junun) Railer (lahi) Divine Nature (al-lahut) Lot (Lut) Non-existent (ma'dum) Object of an act (maf'ul) Limited (mahdud) Protected by Allah (mahfuz) Veiled (mahjub) Obliteration (mahq) Constrained (mahsur) Sensory (mahsus) Effacement (mahw) Overpowered (maqhur) Intelligible (ma'qul) Objects of Mercy (marhum) Beloved - Absolute (ma'shuq) Protected (ma'sum) Prohibitions (nahy) Deliverance (najat) Poetry and Songs (na't) Receive (qabul) Violence (qahr) Dictionary (qamus) Folk (qaum) Binding (rabit) Ease (raha) Mercy (rahma) Messenger (rasul) Master (sahib) Sound (sahih) Crushing (sahq) Sobriety (sahw) Prayer (salat) Bestowal (wahb) One (wahid) Revelation (wahy) Moment (waqt) Middle (wasat) Oh, He! (Ya Hu!) John (Yahya) Jacob (Yaqub) Ascetic (zahid) External One (zahir) Manifestation (zuhur) Saint (Saint)