The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi


(Mawtin) is that place where the traveller takes up his residence. He is content and fulfilled and has no desire to continue travelling further.

See also: Dwelling No station People of blame Spiritual Station Waystation
(Maskan). Whereas a waystation (manzil) indicates a place in which the traveller alights for a short time, a dwelling (maskan) indicates a place in which the traveller feels comfortable and therefore settles, not having the desire to move any further. The elect of Allah never settle down because they desire only Allah and Allah is without place and Allah is without Limit.
(La maqam). This is the 'station of no station'. This 'station of no station' is the highest station reached by the People of Perfection who manifest the Name 'Allah'. They have passed beyond all states and stations and are the true Muhammadan heirs. They have passed beyond both Majesty and Beauty and have no attribute and no description. They are not determined by properties. The People of 'no station' are the Divine Ones. The Real is identical with them. The Muhammadan heirs have no goal because their vastness is the Vastness of Allah Himself Who has no goal in Himself which might ultimately be reached. The People of 'no station' witness only Allah - Allah, the Infinite, the Eternal, the Absolute.
(Al Malamatiyya). These are the Perfect Ones. Their exteriors never disclose the reality of their interiors. They are those who know and are not known. Al malamatiyya are Allah's perfect slaves, Allah's perfect lovers, Allah's perfect knowers. They manifest His All-Comprehensive Name 'Allah', without a trace of Lordship. Allah has placed their 'blaming self' over them as a protection against self-conceit or satisfaction. They are the greatest of the Sufis. They are in constant submission and surrender to the Will of Allah. A Murshid (Spiritual Guide) who is one of the malamatiyya is the perfect Murshid and his murids often attain to Manliness. The Master of the cosmos, the Best of Creation, Muhammad al Mustapha (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace), who is a Malamatiyya, is their Master.
(Maqam). A spiritual station is acquired and earned through the effort and sincerity of the traveller, but such an acquisition is ultimately through the Grace of Allah. A station is a 'fixed' quality of the self, in contrast to the fleeting nature of a spiritual state (hal). When the traveller ascends to a higher maqam he does not 'leave' the lower one but rather he travels with it. Once the noble qualities pertaining to a specific station are acquired they become firmly fixed and remain with him in his endless ascent.
(Manzil). A station in which the traveller alights for a time, before moving onwards. If he does not pass this manzil it becomes an 'abode' .

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