The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi


(Khayal). Imagination indicates a reality that becomes manifest in three different places. Firstly, the Khayal is manifest within the cosmos where existence is the same as imagination. Secondly, the Khayal is manifest within the macrocosm where the isthmus between the spiritual and corporeal worlds is imaginal. Thirdly, the khayal is manifest within the microcosm where the human self is the reality between the body and the spirit. Khayal is synonymous with images. The Realm of Imagination is the isthmus between the World of the Unseen and the Visible World and it is within this khayal that man is given the clearest expression of the 'He, not He' (Huwa, la Huwa) mystery of existence. The human faculty of imagination (khayal) is purely passive with regard to the active conjectural faculty of illusion and with regard to the Spirit which may imprint upon it heralding visions.

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(Dalala). Argument or proof or denotation or evidence. This term is applied to the World of Imagination which is the closest thing to a denotation or proof of the Real. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) is a crystal clear proof of Allah. This proof is absolute for the ones who love Allah and His Beloved more than anything. Their hearts perpetually bear witness to the perfect proof of the Prophet. They see him in their visions within the Imaginal Realm.
(Jasad) refers to those imaginal objects which are witnessed in the World of Imagination. This is the appearance of a corporeal body in the imaginal realm. The reality of imagination is to embody that which is not properly a body.
(Mubashira). A heralding vision or sound dream, through which the Friends of Allah experience revelations from Allah.
(Wahm). Fantasy or imaginal perception or illusion. Al wahm is the conjectural faculty, the active imagination of the power of illusion. It is the most tremendous power which Allah has given to man. It is this faculty which acts directly upon the purely passive faculty of imagination. Two beautiful hadiths say, "Perfection is to worship Allah like you see Him" and "Allah is in the direction of the one who prays". Both hadiths point towards the necessity to activate the faculties of imaginal perception and imagination.
(Mamnu'). The People of Truth declare that Self-disclosure of the Essence is impossible.
(Mumtani'). The impossible thing which may not have existence in the cosmos but may nonetheless exist within the mind of man. The realm of Imagination is where the impossible things become manifest.
(Hadarat al Malakut). This Presence is sometimes referred to as the Second Determination, 'The Lote Tree of the Uttermost Boundary' (Sidrat al Muntaha) and the World of Imagination ('Alam al Khayal.)

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