The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi


(Khalq). Creation itself or the phenomenal world. Khalq refers to the creation which is the result of the Creator's Command, "Be!" ("Kun!"). The term al Khalq (creation) is often applied as the opposite of al Haqq (the Creative Truth). The first thing that Allah created was the Light of Muhammad and from his light all of existence became manifest. The Holy Prophet said, "I am from the Light of Allah and the whole world is from my light". Creation itself is only made visible through him.

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(Hama ust) (Persian). The Verifiers (of Truth), those who know Allah and see Allah with two eyes, say, 'All is He' and they also say 'All is not He'. 'All is Allah and all is not Allah'. Their way of seeing is the perfect way. They know that 'The slave is the slave and the Lord is the Lord'.
(Khayr al Khalq). The Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) is the best of creation. Allah said, "If not for you, if not for you (Oh Muhammad), I would not have created the creation".
(Ayyam Allah). The Days of Allah. These are the epiphanies by which Allah reveals His Perfections. Every 'day' He is upon some task. In every indivisible instant there is recreation within each existent.
(Ghidha). Allah, the Absolute, is the Source of food and nourishment for all of the creatures. All of Allah's creatures exist, subsist and are kept alive by Allah. And, the Absolute is nourished by the forms of the creatures because it is through them that the Names and Attributes become manifest.
(Nur Muhammadiyya). "Allah took a handful of His Light and said 'Be! Muhammad'". From this pre-existent Light of Muhammad (nur Muhammadiyya) all of the spheres were created. It is the Light of Muhammad that enables the traveller to advance towards the Reality of Muhammad (al haqiqa al Muhammadiyyah). Without the cooling nature of this light the salik would not advance, or if he did advance he would be burned-up. The differentiation between the Light of Muhammad (nur Muhammadiyya) and the Reality of Muhammad (al haqiqat al Muhammadiyyah) is within the degrees of the descent of Being, from the Inward Non-manifestation of the Hidden Treasure to the outward manifestation of the cosmos.
(Asma Allah). The Names of Allah. These are limitless because they become known by what comes out of them and what comes out of them is limitless.
(Khalq Jadid). This term signifies the state of constant change (new creation) which everything undergoes in each indivisible instant. Nothing remains the same for two successive moments. It is through the observation of the new creation (khalq jadid) within his own heart that the knower gains knowledge of Allah, realising that each moment contains a fresh and new Knowledge of Allah. This is the never-ending unfolding of Knowledge from the Essence Itself.
(Imkan). Allah is All-Possibilty and Allah is Infinite and Eternal and Absolute. Possibility (imkan) is contained within Allah, the Necessary Being, Who recreates the cosmos in a new form in every instant. Unlimited possibilities come into being within each instant. And it is this endless possibility which is opened to the lover and knower of Allah once he is annihilated in Allah. He has entered the endless unfolding of Knowledge which is Islam.
(Asbab). These were established as a means by which man can come to know Allah, yet for the majority of mankind the secondary causes act as veils over Reality.
('Alam al khalq). The Universe of creation which takes its existence in proximity to a secondary cause. It is the visible world or world of witnessing.

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