The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

haqiqat at-tayy
Reality of folding space

(Haqiqat at Tayy). The secret of this reality is revealed to the one who brings his physical body under control and encases it within his spiritual body. Allah gives this power only to the elect of His friends. It is the power to travel, at will, vast distances without actually covering those distances in the physical body. The elect travel within their spiritual bodies. The speed of such spiritual travelling is beyond comprehension.

See also: Ascension Elect Elect of the Elect
(Al Khassa/Khusus). The elect or elite amongst the Sufis. 'The Elect' refers to the accomplished Sufi Masters who are the Folk of Allah. They are the elect of Allah.
(Khassat al Khassa/Khusus al Khusus). The elect of the elect or the elite of the elite. These are the Great Sufis, the Verifiers. These great ones form the highest category of friends of Allah. They follow no one's authority because in themselves they have verified and realized [through unveiling and finding], the truth and reality of all things which is Allah, the Real. They are also known as The People of Unveiling and Finding.

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