The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi


(Dhat). The Essence. This is Allah in Himself without regard to His creations, His Attributes or His Names. The Essence is beyond knowledge or conceptualization. Allah warns us of this aspect of Himself. The Essence is Absolute Blindness, the Hidden of the Hidden, the Unknown of the Unknown. This is the World of Absolute Non-manifestation.

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(Jam' al Addad). The coincidence or bringing together of opposites. The Name 'Allah' denotes both Essence and Divinity and brings together all the Names.
(Ism al A'tham). Some of the friends of Allah say that the Greatest Name is kept hidden, while others say it is 'Ya Hayy! Ya Qayyum!' (Oh, the Living! Oh, the Ever Self-Subsisting!) and others consider it to be the Name 'Allah'. The Name 'Allah' is the quintessence of prayer and the quintessence of the Qur'an and the quintessence of the entire deen of Islam. The dhikr of this Greatest Name 'Allah', is the most valuable activity to which man can apply himself. The Name takes the one who remembers to the One Who is Named.
(Huwa). This is the Supreme Self, the Non-Manifest Being. Huwa indicates the Essence Itself which is always in the Unseen and remains in Itself Incomparable.
(Khalq Jadid). This term signifies the state of constant change (new creation) which everything undergoes in each indivisible instant. Nothing remains the same for two successive moments. It is through the observation of the new creation (khalq jadid) within his own heart that the knower gains knowledge of Allah, realising that each moment contains a fresh and new Knowledge of Allah. This is the never-ending unfolding of Knowledge from the Essence Itself.
(Mahq). Obliteration indicates the obliteration and annihilation of the slave's being in the Essence of Allah.
(Jannati Dhat). This Paradise is inhabited by Allah's chosen ones, the People of Solitude of the Essence, who witness only Allah.
(Al Dhatiyun). 'Those who have realised the Essence' are the slaves of Allah who drink directly from the Fountain of Camphor in Paradise. They are the People of Solitude of the Absolute Essence. Their love of Allah, being total and utter, remains constant in the face of opposites, because for them the opposites are joined. There is only Unity. There is only Allah as He is in Himself.
(Maqam al Mahmud). This station is also referred to as the 'Gathering of gathering or the 'Union of Union'; and 'Two Bows' Length'. This Station of Great Glory is the Paradise of the Essence which has been promised to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace).
(Kalam-i -dhati). This Speech is Allah's Speech. It is the Speech of the Essence Itself. Kalam-i-dhati is the Speech of the Source and the Source is the Great Silence. The People of the Essence, Allah's perfect slaves who are drowned in the Source Itself, speak in a silent and wordless language. Their spiritual affinity is total because each one of them drinks directly from the Fountain of Camphor in Paradise and has become one with the camphor. When the drop enters the Ocean there is no necessity for words to be spoken. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) said, 'He who knows Allah, his tongue becomes silent'. Kalam-i-dhati is the stage of union. Speech without words (kalam-i-dhati) becomes manifest through Speech with words (kalam-i-tafsili).

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