The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

Inward knowledge

('Ilm al Batin). The science of inward knowledge as opposed to the 'exterior' science ('Ilm al Thahir) of the Doctors of Law. The knower possesses both the inward and outward knowledges, because he 'knows' Allah and Allah is both the Nonmanifest (Al Batin) and the Manifest (Al Thahir).

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(Jam'uhu al Diddayn). When asked, 'Through what do you know Allah?' one of the Masters answered, 'Through the fact that He brings opposites together'.
('Alim). The one who knows. This term derives from the word 'knowledge' ('ilm). Usually it refers to the exoteric scholars, though sometimes 'alim is used in reference to 'those who know Allah'. The 'one who knows' is the one whom Allah causes to witness his godhead (uluhiyyah) and His Essence. No states manifest to him, knowledge is his condition.
(Batini). This may also refer to the mystic who is so totally immersed in the 'inward' that he has neglected the 'outward'. This is an inferior condition and one of imbalance.
(Asbab). These were established as a means by which man can come to know Allah, yet for the majority of mankind the secondary causes act as veils over Reality.
('Alama). Sign or omen or mark. The cosmos ('alam) is a sign and a mark ('alama) of Allah. It is a proof of Allah. But a mark denotes only that which is limited, so the cosmos does not denote His Essence, only the knowledge that He exists. Every sign, every mark indicates Allah, but the majority of mankind recognize Allah only in that particular mark or sign in which they have limited Allah. The knower and lover never limit Allah. They recognize Allah in every 'alama.

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