The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi


(Sidq). Truthfulness is a gift from Allah. When it enters the heart, the heart becomes intoxicated with the luminosity that it brings and it will create rapture in the heart of the slave. It enters the head and spreads to the rest of the body; every limb will take from the luminosity of truthfulness in accordance with its capabilities, based upon the eruption of the heart. This eruption is based on the strength of the heart; its wholesomeness and intelligence. The eruption may cause constant sobbing and the intelligence itself may become absent for a time, whether it be for an hour, a day or two or longer. In honour of such a condition, he may abandon the creation altogether, preferring to stay alone with The Alone. It has been said that there is no state that will not be in need of sidq, but sidq is not in need of any state. If the slave becomes truthful with what is between him and Allah (the Real Truth), he will witness the hidden secrets of the unseen and he will become the trustee of heaven and earth

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(Ikhlaas). Sincerity and purity of intention. Without this noble quality man is unable to advance towards his Lord or live in harmony with the creation. With it he is able to traverse great distances and attain to great heights of knowledge. The core of ikhlaas is the purification of the intention to the highest degree. It is the 'eye' of the intention. A man must ensure that his sincerity is only directed towards Allah, since a man may be sincere in his devotion to the Devil as well. Imam al Junayd said that "Ikhlaas is to speak the truth when only a lie will save you". Dhun Nun al Misri said "Truthfulness is the sword of Allah, it is never put on anything but it cuts it through". Abu Ya'qub asSusi said "If they have witnessed the sincerity in their sincere actions, then they need to be sincere in their sincerity". It has been said that the hardest thing for the ego is sincerity because he does not have any part in it. The difference between ikhlaas and truthfulness is that truthfulness is the tree and sincerity is the branch. Sincerity can only be manifested by entering the realm of actions.
(Al Khalifah). The viceregent of Allah is the perfected human being who has fulfilled his reason for being. He has carried the Trust which Allah offered to him, the Trust of being the locus of manifestation for the Name 'Allah'. The viceregent is the Perfect Man in whom Allah contemplates His own Name-derived Perfection. No one is called khalifah except through the perfection of the Divine Form within him. It is through His khalifah that Allah enters the world.

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