The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi


(Wuraqa'). This term is synonymous with the Universal Soul which is the Preserved Tablet. Through purification of his heart and his self, man may be given the clear vision to read these Pages. The reading of the Pages of the Preserved Tablet is through the Infinite Grace of Allah. Man may be able to look at the Pages of his own self, but may require the assistance of a Divinely Inspired Master to interpret the words which are written there.

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(Qada'). The decree or predetermination. Qada' is the universal decree of Allah concerning the entities of the existents as the entities are in themselves before their existence. It is His decree concerning the states that will occur for them from Eternity-without-beginning to Eternity-without-end. The perfect knowers and lovers of Allah always preserve perfect courtesy with Allah. Whenever they commit an act of disobedience they never flee to 'Decree and Destiny' in order to free themselves from blame and wrongdoing. Their Blaming Self which is placed over them, protects them from such acts of discourtesy.
(Qadar). Destiny or Fate or the measure allotted to each entity. Qadar is the particularized deployment of the universal decree through the bestowal of existence upon the entities in accordance with the times and situations required by their individual preparedness. Destiny refers to the fact that each state of an entity is conditioned by a particular time and brought about by a specific cause.
(Qamus). A qamus is a book full of definitions and meanings. Each human is a qamus. When man looks within his own self and contemplates the inner signs and meanings he may come to know Allah. To make the Journey into the self, and through the levels of the Self, is the most serious task to which a man can turn. However, he cannot travel without a guide. Not only is he unable to read the words of the dictionary but he is also unable to understand the definitions of those words. An authentic Spiritual Guide (Murshid) will take him safely to the Sacred Centre. Through verbal expression and symbolic allusion or indications, the Murshid will assist the murid and explain to him the words within his qamus. Whenever a man speaks or writes down what is within himself he is opening up his own qamus for others to read.
('Alim rabbani). A divinely inspired master. He is the one who has returned to the creations to guide and perfect the imperfect ones. His knowledge from Allah is spontaneous.
(Kana Maktub). This phrase indicates that fate or destiny has been written by the Pen upon the Preserved Tablet, and the ink is dry. There is no changing it.
(Lawh al Mahfuz). The Inscribed or Preserved Tablet upon which the Supreme Pen writes the destinies of all creation. Lawh al Mahfuz is also called the Universal Soul..
(Al Qalam al 'Ala). The first objective individualisation takes place in the Supreme Pen which distinguishes the creatures from the Creator and imprints their forms of existence upon the Preserved Tablet.

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