The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

Sesame seed

(Simsimah) indicates a spiritual realization of such subtlety and delicacy that it is beyond verbal expression. It can only be understood, through heart to heart communication, by the one who also has realized that Truth.

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(Ma'arouf). With regard to the Qura'nic verse ‘And live with them in kindness’ (4:19). (Wa asharahouna bil ma’arouf). Conduct of kindness is perfection of manners with those who cause unkindness to you and those whose company you dislike.
(Kibrit Ahmar). This term is used to indicate a highly personal spiritual realization or a vision of great rarity. The Red Sulphur is the sought-after and rare working principle which turns base metal into gold. Finding one's Spiritual Guide/Murshid is often referred to as 'finding the red sulphur'. Finding the hidden treasure within one's own secret is the Red Sulphur. Finding the Red Sulphur is rare, yet some of the great friends of Allah have found it in abundance! The universal meaning of Sulphur is the Divine Command.
(Dhawq). Taste or direct spiritual experience. This is the first stage of the experience of Allah's Self-disclosure. It is followed by 'drinking' and 'quenching' and sometimes by the final stage 'intoxication'. Those who have tasted know. Those who have not tasted do not know. Without direct tasting there can be no Knowledge of Allah.
(Istilah). Each science has its own unique terminology through which the people of that science communicate with each other. The newcomer to that science must be taught the terminology which is relevant to his field of study. Tasawwuf, the Science of the Self, also has its own exclusive terminology (istilah), however, the fresh murid who sits with the Masters of the Path to learn, cannot be taught their terminology. Initially all of the words are merely forms and he cannot penetrate into the meanings, no matter how much verbal expression is given to each term. For those on the path of disentanglement, this is similar to when we are young - the words that we hear from our parents and others around us don't quite sink in until we grow up and experience life. Gradually, and after sincere spiritual struggle and endeavour, the maturing murid comes to realize that he now understands many of the terms which his Master uses. He has come to this understanding, this 'knowing', through his heart. Such direct knowledge is the result of 'tasting', and 'tasting' has to be experienced, it cannot be described. Yet, it is nonetheless of paramount importance, for both the seeker of Truth and the murid in a tariqa, to become acquainted with the terminology of this Language of the Future. Religious terminology is for the affairs of the physical body, for our existence on earth. As for 'istilah', the terminology of the higher teaching or 'Language of the Future', it is for the before, for the here and now, and for the hereafter. In other words, it is the language of the Real. One could live quite comfortably on this planet Earth without ever speaking to anyone else and still have his needs met. The language of the future, however, is always required - until you enter into the Deep Silence.
(Kashf). Unveiling or revelation is one of the types of direct experience through which Knowledge of Reality is unveiled to the heart of the slave and lover. In His Infinite Grace Allah gives His slave and lover a Divine Self-disclosure which not only increases his Knowledge of Allah but also increases his yearning and intense love of Allah. The great Sufis are called The People of Unveiling and Finding. Within the unveiling they find Allah. This unveiling and finding frequently occurs during the spiritual concert. In a moment, when it is perceived through unveiling that 'Allah is the singer and Allah is the hearer', the singer and the hearer become One, disappearing into Allah.
('Ibarah). Many of the Great Masters of the higher teaching have been given the gift called 'Opening of Expression' through which they are able to express highly mystical concepts, visions and seemingly inexpressible spiritual experiences. In some cases it is the murid who gives verbal expression to the subtle allusions through which his own Murshid transmitted the Teaching.

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