The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

an al-da'im
Perpetual moment

(An al da'im).The perpetual moment in which Eternity becomes manifest and in which 'the aware one' perpetually finds Allah.

See also: Present moment Slave of the moment Son of the moment Worshipper of the moment Worshippers of the moment
('Abd al waqt). He is the one who, having found Allah in each and every indivisible moment, has surrendered, unconditionally and knowingly, to the moment. Because each moment is utterly unique the requirements of that particular moment are also unique. Each moment has its own gracious behaviour and spiritual courtesy. The slave of the moment does not resort to old reactions or past experiences when facing and fulfilling the demands of the moment. Not only is he 'slave of the moment' ('abd al waqt) but he is also the one with gracious behaviour and spiritual courtesy of the moment. His heart receives spontaneous knowledge from the Source Itself. The Slave, Knower and Lover takes his knowledge directly from Al Hayy, The Living. He drinks from the Water of Life which is ever fresh and ever renewed.
(Ibn al Waqt). The Sufi is called the son of the moment. Through his consciousness of Eternity and his perpetual Remembrance of Allah and his presence with Allah he keeps himself with the timeless instant that is 'Now'. He has no desire to be 'before' or 'after' this moment because he knows that Allah is this moment.
('Abid al waqt). He is the man who, having found Allah's Self-disclosure in each and every indivisible moment, worships and surrenders to the One Who IS the moment.
('Ubbad ul waqt). These are the knowers who worship Allah in every moment of Time. Self-disclosure never repeats itself. In each moment Allah reveals Himself anew. Therefore the worshippers of the moment never limit or restrict Allah in any moment of Time.

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