The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi


(Rahma). Mercy and compassion. There are two kinds of mercy. The first is an essential mercy or the mercy of free-gift which Allah bestows upon all creatures without distinction. The second is a specific mercy or the mercy of obligation which Allah gives to those slaves who are deserving of it. When the slave has been blessed with the 'opening of unveiling' he sees, smells, tastes, touches and hears Allah's Rahma, which not only surrounds him, but also penetrates every atom of his being.

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(Takhallul). Intimate penetration and permeation and assimilation of the Divine Attributes into the slave. It is this takhallul which gives the lover no rest for his limbs and no sleep for his eyes. Every atom of his being has been activated to Life through his sincere and total dedication to the Remembrance of Allah. 'I am sitting with the one who remembers Me'. The one with takhallul is truly the one who remembers Allah.
(Al Malamatiyya). These are the Perfect Ones. Their exteriors never disclose the reality of their interiors. They are those who know and are not known. Al malamatiyya are Allah's perfect slaves, Allah's perfect lovers, Allah's perfect knowers. They manifest His All-Comprehensive Name 'Allah', without a trace of Lordship. Allah has placed their 'blaming self' over them as a protection against self-conceit or satisfaction. They are the greatest of the Sufis. They are in constant submission and surrender to the Will of Allah. A Murshid (Spiritual Guide) who is one of the malamatiyya is the perfect Murshid and his murids often attain to Manliness. The Master of the cosmos, the Best of Creation, Muhammad al Mustapha (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace), who is a Malamatiyya, is their Master.
('Abd). The slave (and worshipper) is the one who is in a state of total and utter submission to the Will of Allah. After having been annihilated in Allah where all duality vanished and distinctions were erased, he returns to creation with perfect courtesy and with the Truth of Certainty that 'the Lord is the Lord and the slave is the slave'. When 'abd is translated as 'servant' it carries the implication that the servant can leave the service of his Master, if he so desires. However, the 'slave' is in total bondage, being utterly dependent upon his Master. All buying and selling transactions have been terminated. The slave belongs to Allah, completely, perfectly and unconditionally.
(Takhlil). Soaked or wetting, through and through. This term refers to the knower who has been thoroughly drenched with the Love of Allah. This is a quality of the Station of Intimate Friendship.
(Khullah). This is the station where the Great Sufis (The Knowers, The People of Blame; The Verifiers of Truth) are thoroughly drenched with the Love of the Truth, permeated with love of the Beloved and mingled with His Flesh and Blood. The Station of Intimate Friendship has two levels. The first is that of the Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him) which was a friendship from behind the veil. The second is that of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) which is a friendship without the veil, it being part of the mystery of the Muhammadan Perfection.
(Al Muhaqqiqun). These great ones form the highest category of friends of Allah. They follow no one's authority because in themselves they have verified and realized [through unveiling and finding], the truth and reality of all things which is Allah, the Real. They are also known as'The People of Unveiling and Finding'.

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