The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi


(Nurani). Within the cosmos, which is the realm of opposites, that which is luminous (nurani) stands in opposition to that which is dark (thulmani). All is relative, and while the angels are luminous when compared with corporeal things they are in fact dark and dense in relationship to the Infinite Light of Allah. The lovers of Allah drink a luminous wine which is handed directly to them from the Cupbearer.

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(Saqi/Saki). Sufi singers and poets sing of the Cupbearer (saqi). He is the One who pours the wine of Divine Love and Passion into the hearts of the lovers of Allah. Through Allah they experience the sweetness of intoxication. The Cupbearer is the Friend. The Friend is Allah. The saqi is also the Pure Master and Perfect Guide through whom the yearning lover reaches the Beloved of Allah and Allah Himself.
(Sharab). The Wine of Divine Love is poured by the Cupbearer. Once the lover has tasted its inexpressible sweetness he is lost in It. The drop fell into the Ocean and disappeared!
(Ayn al Kafur). The Fountain of Camphor in Paradise from which the slaves of Allah drink directly. Camphor overwhelms and whoever enters into it becomes totally absorbed and one with the camphor. 'The Fountain of Camphor is the 'place' of annihilation (fana'), intoxication (sukr) and Divine Love ('ishq). The Fire of Divine Love ('ishq) turns into the Light of Divine Knowledge (ma'rifa) and the lover ('ashiq) is then also the knower ('arif) and is in perfect balance.
(Nur) is the created light which radiates from the Uncreated Light of Allah. When this light enters the heart it drives away the existent order thereby annihilating the inner eye from witnessing 'other-than-Allah'. For unveiling to take place the Light which comes from Allah must coincide with the light within the heart. If there is darkness within the heart, then it will not be able to match the Light from Allah. In such a case there is no unveiling, and Knowledge of Allah does not arrive in that heart. It is the Remembrance of Allah which polishes the heart and allows it to be filled with light. The Source of this Pure Light is the Absolute Darkness of the Essence Itself. The most complete and penetrating light is the light through which is unveiled what Allah means by the forms seen by the imagination in dreams.
(Tasnim). The Supreme Fountain in Paradise from which flows the Pure Wine sealed with musk. Those who are brought near drink from Tasnim. Tasnim is the place of sobriety after intoxication, abiding after annihilation, Divine Knowledge after Divine Love. But all is One and all are the Beloved. 'None shall drink of the Supreme Fountain who has not first drunk from the Fountain of Camphor'.
(Nisba). Lordship is the relationship of the 'He-ness' to the entity. The 'He-ness' in Itself does not require such a relationship, but it is the entities that demand it. Allah has placed the Divine Names between Himself and the cosmos, and from this connection relationships (nisab) are formed. Each Name is a relationship, not an entity. Each existent thing has a specific relationship with one particular Divine Name. That Name will exert a stronger effect and a greater power over the existent thing than any of the other Names.

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