The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi


(Nafl). Nafl is something in excess of what is expected. It is a booty, bounty or gift.

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(Qurb an-nawafil) is the lowest of the four stations of Perfection. The slave who performs the supererogatory works attains this proximity. While retaining his own reality he is completely dominated by Allah's Oneness and becomes qualified by His Attributes. Allah manifests Himself with His Name, the Inward, so that He remains hidden within the lover. The agent and subject is the lover and Allah's Presence within him is manifested by Allah becoming the lover's faculties. The Beloved becomes the lover's sight, voice etc.
(Nawafil al Khayrat). Through the Infinite Grace of Allah the sincere practising of the nawafil al khayrat may result in the spiritual perfection in which the slave's hearing, sight, speech etc. are negated. He then hears, sees and speaks through Allah. This is the Nearness of supererogatory works.
(Nafila -pl. Nawafil). The supererogatory works (nawafil) are derived from the obligatory works which are their roots. A nafila is an act of worship and service through which the slave draws ever-closer to his Lord. Mankind is the supererogatory work of Allah Who created us as His own free will offering to us. Allah is the Necessary Being through Himself, while we are necessary through Allah.

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