The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

Caused things

(Musabbabat). The caused things. The word 'cause' (Sabab), whose literal meaning is 'a rope or a cord', indicates connecting things. The caused things (Al Musabbabat) are a connection or a means with which man can ascend to the Causer of the secondary causes (Musabbib al Asbab), Allah.

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(Khalq). Creation itself or the phenomenal world. Khalq refers to the creation which is the result of the Creator's Command, "Be!" ("Kun!"). The term al Khalq (creation) is often applied as the opposite of al Haqq (the Creative Truth). The first thing that Allah created was the Light of Muhammad and from his light all of existence became manifest. The Holy Prophet said, "I am from the Light of Allah and the whole world is from my light". Creation itself is only made visible through him.
('Ilm al Batini). Because Allah is the Outwardly Manifest (al Thahir) and the Inwardly Hidden (al Batin) Knowledge of Allah necessarily encompasses both the Inward and the Outward aspects of existence.
('Ilm al Thahir). This term generally applies to that knowledge possessed by the Doctors of Law. However, because Allah is the Inwardly Hidden (Al Batin) and the Outwardly Manifest (Al Thahir), to attain to True Knowledge of Allah, knowledge of both the inward and outward are necessary.
(Arbab). Lords. 'He who knows his own self, truly, does know his Lord' (Man 'arafa nafsahu 'arafa Rabbah) but because the majority of mankind take the secondary causes as their lords they do not come to know their Lord.
(Asbab). These were established as a means by which man can come to know Allah, yet for the majority of mankind the secondary causes act as veils over Reality.

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