The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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World of Humanity
'alam an-nasut

('Alam an Nasut). The World of the five human senses.

World of Imagination
'alam al-khayal

('Alam al khayal). This is the isthmus in which the friends of Allah encounter each other. Within this World the murid may encounter the Murshid, from whom powerful and decisive lessons are transmitted. It is here that the friends may receive instruc...

World of Matter
'alam al-mulk

('Alam al mulk). The World of matter is the Kingdom of outwardness. The Realm of event. The macrocosm.

World of sensible experience
'alam ash-shahadah

(Alam ash Shahadah). The World of sensible experience. The visible.

World of similitudes
'alam al-amthal ('alam al-mithal, 'alam al-khayal)

('Alam al amthal / 'Alam al mithal / 'Alam al khayal).The world of analogies and images. This is the World of Imagination. It is the isthmus in which the mystery of cosmic ambiguity can be unlocked. It is the place of 'He/not He'.

World of Sovereign Power
'alam al-izzah

('Alam al 'izzah). The World of Sovereign Power.

World of the All-Powerful
'alam al-jabarut

('Alam al Jabarut). The World of the Source. It is the Reality of Muhammad linked to the level of the Attributes. Within this World are the pools or reservoirs of non-manifestation from which Existence gushes forth. These pools are the Light of Muham...

World of the Breaths
'alam al-anfas

('Alam al anfas). The world of the breaths. Life itself. The breaths are counted. Man's final breath terminates his stay in 'alam al anfas.

World of the Divinity
'alam al-lahut

('Alam al Lahut).The Realm of the Divinity. This is the life force which permeates every existent thing.

World of the high universes

('Alam-i 'ulwi). The World of the Spirits. There is a relationship between the World of the Spirits and the essence of man's heart. Through this relationship, which is a secret of Allah, the heart of a purified man may soar towards that spiritual rea...

World of the lower universes

('Alam-i sufli) The Lower Universes. The World of Corporeal Bodies.

World of the Unseen
'alam al-ghayb

('Alam al ghayb) is the Invisible World of the Unseen.

World of the Unseen (Verified)
'alam al-ghayb al-muhaqqaq

('Alam al ghayb al muhaqqaq). The Verified World of the Unseen.

World of Witnessing
'alam ash-shahadat

('Alam ash Shahadat). The World of Witnessing. This is within the Imaginal Realm where spirits become corporealized and appear to Prophets and saints in visions. It is also called 'Alam-i-shuhud.

World, external or outer

(Afaq). The external or outer world.