The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Witnessed, The

(Mashhud) is what the heart retains from the form of the Divine Self-disclosure. It is the object seen in mystic vision.


(Mushahadah). Witnessing or vision. Mushahadah is one kind of direct knowledge of Reality. This witnessing occurs in various ways. Some of the travellers and Men of the Path witness Allah in the things. Some witness Allah before or after or with the ...


(Shuhud). The knowers and lovers of Allah, the great Sufis, know Allah through their witnessing of Allah in all of His Self-disclosures. Allah possesses All-inclusive Being and the great Sufis possess all-inclusive witnessing of Allah. And because Se...


(Ta'ajjub). Wonder occurs when the veils are removed and the slave sees Allah established in all places and at all times. When the slave has been annihilated in the Source and then returned to the humanity to work in the Way of Allah. When Allah is ...

Word of Faith
kalimah (shahadah)

(Kalimah Shahadah). The Word of Faith or the Islamic declaration of Faith; 'There is no god other than Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah' (La ilaha il Allah, Muhammadan Rasulullah).

Word of the Presence
kalimat al-hadra

(Kalimat al Hadra). This is Allah's Word of Command, "Be!" ("Kun!"), by which He instantaneously creates every thing He desires.

Word, The

(Kalima). The word. When Allah breathes out and speaks, each one of His creations is a word (kalima) of His.


('Amal). Work or action or practice. When faith and practice are combined with godfearingness then knowledge will be gained. The knowledge which brings man closer to Allah is not merely theoretical knowledge. Felicity is attained only when knowledge ...


('Alam). World or universe.


(Dunya). The corporal world is this life. It is all that distracts man from the Remembrance of Allah and the Truth. It is the veil with which He conceals Himself from His creation. Dunya is whatever is closest to one's lower self. In itself 'the worl...

World of Command
'alam al-amr

('Alam al Amr). Spiritual World or the Universe of Command. The Realm which is without time and matter. The world of command is that which takes its existence from Allah without secondary cause.

World of Corporeal bodies
'alam al-ajsam

('Alam al ajsam). The world of concrete material things and corporeal bodies.

World of Creation
'alam al-khalq

('Alam al khalq). The Universe of creation which takes its existence in proximity to a secondary cause. It is the visible world or world of witnessing.

World of Domination

(Jabarut). The World of Invincibility or the World of Domination or the World of the All-Powerful or the Divine Ipseity. Jabarut is the Presence of Compelling. This Presence is also known as the First Unveiling or Determination, the Reality of Muhamm...

World of Dominion
'alam al-malakut

('Alam al Malakut). The World of Dominion, Power, Will and Knowledge. The Kingdom of inwardness. The realm of vision. The hdden world. The universe of subtle forms. This world denotes the Divine Attributes. The gardens of this World are made radiant ...