The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Waste of time
tadyi' al-waqt

(Tadyi' al waqt). Allah created the creation purely to enable man to know Allah. Therefore, the pursuit of a knowledge of what is 'other-than-Allah' is a waste of time.



Water of Life

(Abi Hayat). This Water springs from the Divine Name "The Living" (Al Hayy) and symbolises Knowledge of the Absolute. The one who drinks the Water of Life finds eternal life through Al Hayy.


(Sabil). The way or path or road. Man is free to choose his own path of Return to his Origin. He may travel the wretched path of misguidance under the misguidance of Satan or he may travel the felicitous Path, the Straight Way, under the Guidance of ...


(Manzil). A station in which the traveller alights for a time, before moving onwards. If he does not pass this manzil it becomes an 'abode' .


(Da'if). The very root of man's creation is this weakness with which Allah created him. "There is no power and no strength except with Allah", (La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah). The slave knows this.


(Wazn). Allah has set-up the Scale in order to weigh things. There are many such Scales - the Scale of Justice, the Scale of the Revealed Law, the Divine Scale, the Fundamental Scale. Everything pertaining to Allah Almighty, to knowledge, to spirit...


(Waswas). The satanic suggestions and whisperings which enter into the heart of man in order to distract him from the Remembrance of Allah. The waswas is sneaky and cunning. He is not easily located or quietened. The struggle against satanic suggesti...

White Pearl
al-durrat al-bayda

(Durrat al bayda). It symbolizes the First Intellect which is the first thing that Allah created.

Who sits with Allah
jalis Allah

(Jalis Allah). 'Who sits with Allah'. The one who sits with Allah is the rememberer (dhakir). Allah says, "I am sitting with the one who remembers Me" (Ana jalisu man dhakarani).


(Hikma). Justice ('Adl) is 'putting everything in its proper place'. Wisdom (Hikma), which is closely connected to justice, is 'to act as is proper to each situation'. To be able to act in such a manner it is necessary to have discernment of relation...

Wisdom of Apportioning of Fate
al-hikmat al-qadariyyah

(Al Hikmat al Qadariyyah) which is contained in the Word of the Prophet Ezra (Peace be upon him).

Wisdom of Divine Inspiration
al-hikmat an-nafathiyyah

(Al Hikmat an Nafathiyyah) which is contained in the Word of the Prophet Seth (Peace be upon him).

Wisdom of Divine Truth
al-hikmat al-haqqiyyah

(Al Hikmat al Haqqiyyah) which is contained in the Word of the Prophet Isaac (Peace be upon him).

Wisdom of Existence
al-hikmat al-wujudiyyah

(Al Hikmat al Wujudiyyah). The Wisdom of Existence which is contained in the Word of the Prophet David (Peace be upon him).