The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Vanquisher, The
Al Qahhar/Qaahir

Al Qahhar/Qaahir - see 'Subduer'.


(Talwin). Variegation or transformation. Talwin indicates the condition of the slave when shifting from state to state. This is the most perfect of stations in which there is no stopping and no resting. The Verifiers attain to the station of 'stabili...


(Marbub). The vassal or the divine thrall. Each existent thing has his own Lord (Rabb) and is therefore the vassal or subject (marbub) of his Lord. Allah is Lord because of His divine thrall and the existent thing is a divine thrall because Allah is ...

Vast, The

(Al Wasi'). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


(Hijab). A veil or curtain. Everything that hides the object of your search from your eye. Hijab hides Allah from man, the outer form of a thing veils its inner meaning. In the initial stages of the Journey of Return to the Source the traveller is ve...

Veil of Glory
hijab al-'izzah

(Hijab al 'Izzah). The Veil of Glory or the Supreme Veil. This veil of Almightiness renders the lover blind and bewildered because it conceals the Essence Itself which is beyond knowledge, beyond contemplation, beyond everything except Itself. This V...

Veil of the Heart
Hijab al Qalb

(Hijab al Qalb). The veil of the heart is observing and contemplating on ‘other than the Creative Truth’.

Veil of the Hidden Secret
Hijab al Sirr as Sirr

(Hijab al Sirr as Sirr). The veil of the Hidden Secret is the veil of greatness and majesty. This is called the Station of the unveiling of the attributes. This is still not the end of the road. One must continue on to the unveiling of the Essence a...

Veil of the Intellect
Hijab al 'Aql

(Hijab al 'Aql).When we are veiled by the intellect, we become stationary with the outer meanings of what we study and that which makes sense to our minds only. Anyone who thinks that greatness of life is through fulfilling our animalistic needs and ...

Veil of the lower self
Hijab al Nafs

(Hijab al Nafs). The veil of the lower self is connected to desires, the sweet things of life and the arrogance of the personality. Hell is decorated by desires and fancy, while states of bliss are decorated by things that the ego self finds distaste...

Veil of the Secret
Hijab as Sirr

(Hijab as Sirr). The veil of the Secret is to stop when you reach the ‘Station of the Secret’. When unveiling takes place for the traveller on the Path of Allah and he moves out of the entanglement of his worldly affairs, he will encounter the wisdom...

Veil of the Spirit
Hijab ar Ruh

(Hijab ar Ruh). The veil of the Spirit is witnessing. This is known as ‘spiritual unveiling’. In this station, the removal of the veil of time, place and direction occurs. The past and the future become one in time. Many wonderful things will be witn...


(Mahjub). That which is veiled. Allah, the Real, is veiled from those amongst His creation who, never seeing that He is Reality, see only the 'other' (ghayr). The veil (hijab) hangs between Allah and them. Not only is He veiled from them but their si...

Venerator, The
Al Birr

(Al Birr). The Venerator, one of the Most Beautiful Names of Allah.

Verbal expression

('Ibarah). Many of the Great Masters of the higher teaching have been given the gift called 'Opening of Expression' through which they are able to express highly mystical concepts, visions and seemingly inexpressible spiritual experiences. In some c...