The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Throne of the Essence
al-'arsh al dhat

('Arsh al Dhat). The Throne of the Essence. This is the Divine Will which relates to nothing but Itself.

'arsh al-mahdud

('Arsh al Mahdud). The Delimited Throne is the Perfect Man who manifests the All-Comprehensive Name 'Allah'.

Throne-The Divine

(Al 'Arsh). Allah, Who is without place, created a heaven called 'The Throne' where He could 'sit' in order for man to supplicate and seek his needs from Allah. This Throne upon which Allah 'sits' is the seat of those Divine Names that are bound to ...

Throne-The Greatest and Supreme
'arsh al akbar ('arsh al azam)

('Arsh al akbar) ('Arsh al athaam). The Greatest and Supreme Throne. This is the heart of the Perfect Man.


(Sa'iq). The sudden thunderclap of annihilation of the self when the Divine Lordship becomes manifest.


(Dahr). Allah is Time. He is a beginningless and endless 'Day' without night-time or daytime, but the properties of His Names and Attributes divide His 'Day' into many days. These are called the 'Days of Allah'. The attributes of these days are self...

Al Miqaat

(Al Miqaat). The precise time. This is an indication to the Heart – Mecca – the state of Divinity.


Waqt - see 'Moment'.

Time of Ignorance

(Jahiliyya). The Era of Ignorance. Everything that occurred before initiation into the Spiritual Path of Return is seen, in retrospect, as Al Jahiliyya. And, the 'moment that has just gone' is an era of ignorance when compared to 'this present moment...

To come together

(Ijtima'). Allah, the Real is both Essence and Divinity. The Real, as Divinity, may come together with His creation. Allah descends and the slave ascends to meet within a mutual waystation. But such a 'coming together' is impossible for the Essence ...


(Lisan). The tongue indicates the eloquence or language with which Divine Statements enter the hearing of the Knowers of Allah. During the spiritual concert, when the voice of Allah enters the world on the tongue of the singer, the hearer who is rec...

Tongue of the Spiritual Guide
lisan al-murshid

(Lisan al Murshid). If the Spiritual Affinity existing between the Murshid and his murid attains to a high degree of purity the murid may be given the gift of speaking with the tongue of the Murshid. The Murshid's words become manifest through such ...

Tongue of the Spiritual State
lisan al-hal

(Lisan al Hal). These are the words which issue from the Knower or Lover when he is under the domination of his state. An example is the famous utterance "I am the Truth". But, in reality, everything in the cosmos speaks with the tongue of its state.

Torment and chastisement

('Adhab) represents the slave's separation from Allah. This separation is brought about by his seeing what is 'other-than-Allah'.

Tormentor, The

(Al Mu'adhdhib). A Divine Name.