The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Sacred and Holy


Sacred House
al-bayt al-haram

(Al Bayt al Haram). The Sacred House. Al bayt al haram is the sanctified heart which contains only Allah. It is the heart of the one who has 'arrived' - the Perfect Man.

Sacred Law

(Sharia'). Shari'a makes manifest the Divine Reality (haqiqa). It provides all the principles and means for a human to develop true knowledge and acquire the noble character traits. Those who know Allah never leave His Sacred Law. Their courtesy towa...

Sacred Monument
Mash’aar al Haram

(Mash’aar al Haram). The Sacred monument at Muzdalifah. This is where the pilgrims spend the night after coming down from Arafat. "Then when you pour down from (Mount) Arafat, celebrate the praises of Allah at the Sacred Monument, and celebrate His p...


(Qurban). The Day of the Great Festival, the Festival of the Sacrifice (Eid al adha), is that timeless moment when the slave stands in the Presence of Oneness having naughted, annihilated, slaughtered and sacrificed his own self. If only an atom of ...

Al Amaan

(Al Amaan). Safety - The giver of protection. One of the beautiful Names of Allah.


Who is the Saint? The one who empowers by miraculous power and it is hidden from him. Can the saint know that he is a saint?


(Wilayah/Walayah). Wilayah is the sainthood of the great friends of Allah (awliya). It is a Divine gift and the height of human perfection. The distinguishing mark and basis of sainthood is gnosis, not holiness or piety. The friend upon whom saintho...

Sainthood of the Elect
wilayah khassa

(Wilayah khassa). The sainthood of the Elect who have been annihilated in Allah and remain through Allah.

Sainthood of the masses
wilayat 'amma

(Wilayat 'amma). General sainthood. This sainthood is the sanctity which is common to the sincere and faithful believers. It is distinct from, and on a far lower level, than the sainthood of the Elect of Allah.


The Prophet Salih (Peace be upon him) through whose Word descended the Wisdom of Opening.


A woman's name which is used in Sufi poetry and songs. It may indicate a Divine Attribute or it may indicate ecstasy.


(Salawat). Blessings and benedictions and salutations. Salawat refer most particularly to the blessings which the Muslim calls down upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). "Allah and His angels shower bles...


(Taqdis). Sanctification and holiness. The friends of Allah are those who are Alive in Allah. Through the Grace of Allah all of their senses have been spiritualized. The friends of Allah have attained to holiness. The Most Sanctified of all creation ...

Sanctifying the heart
taqdis al-qalb

(Taqdis al qalb) This sanctification is attained through meditation and a total turning towards the Remembrance of Allah.