The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Lahi). The 'railer'. One who utters curses and lamentations, or that shouts abuse in order to turn one's attention from, distract from or cause to forget. This is a shaytanic force which attempts to lure the soul away from Divine contemplation. Lahi...

Raiser of the dead, The

(Al Ba'ith). The Raiser of the dead. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


(Makanah). Elevation is of two kinds one is elevation in rank (makanah) and the other is elevation in place (makan) and mankind is described by both. Elevation in rank (makanah) pertains to knowledge, for it is through Knowledge of Allah that the kno...


(Tafadul). Ranking in degrees of excellence or hierarchy. The cosmos (or existence) is a ranking in degrees of excellence (or hierarchical order) in every quality and attribute. No two things are alike. It is in the degree of his Knowledge of Allah t...

Rapture and passionate love

(Hayaman). Hayaman is the ecstatic bewilderment which occurs when the heart of the lover of Allah is ravished through an excess of love of the Beloved.

Rational and Speaking


Rational madmen
'uqala al-majanin

('Uqala al majanin). Inrushes of knowledge and awareness come from Allah to His slave. The manner in which the slave receives these inrushes depends upon the level he occupies. At the first level the inrush is greater than the slave's strength of so...

Rational speaking animal
hayawan natiq

(Hayawan Natiq). This is man himself. Rational speech (nutq) is one of man's distinguishing features.

Rational Speech

(Nutq) is a distinguishing feature of humans who are 'rational speaking animals'. In reality the entire cosmos is speaking and glorifying its Lord, yet, only Perfect Man understands this praising.


(Iqra'). 'Read' or 'Recite'. This profound word was the first word of Revelation from Allah to His Beloved Messenger Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). From the moment that 'iqra' entered the world mankind was given the op...

Real through Whom Creation takes place
al-haqq al-makhluq bihi

(Al Haqq al Makhluq bihi). This is the Supreme Isthmus (Al Barzakh al 'Ala).

Real, The
Al Haqq

Al Haqq. See 'Truth, The (Creative)'.


(Haqiqa). 'Reality' indicates the Essential Reality of things or the Divine Truth. It is the reality of the entity. Al Haqiqa is the negation of the effects of the slave's qualities by His Qualities, so that He is the agent through, in and from, the...

Reality - Universal
al-haqiqat al-kulliyat

(Haqiqat al Kulliyat). The Universal Reality. the Truth of truths, the Reality of realities. Al haqiqat al kulliyat is one of the names given to the Supreme Isthmus.

Reality of Attraction
haqiqat al-jadhbah

(Haqiqat al Jadhbah). This is the power which enables one to draw anything to himself, from inanimate objects to humans. Haqiqat al jadhbah is of immense power and is only given to the spiritually advanced and mature Man. Such a Man is the only one w...