The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Prayer Carpet

(Sajjada). The carpet. The sajjada is the ritual place for the Shaykh of a Tariqa. He is thus referred to as 'he who sits on the carpet'.

Prayer of Existence
Salat ul Wujud

(Salat ul Wujud). Every particle in existence is in a state of continous prayer. It does not stop, even for the blink of an eye. The entire creation is in a state of servitude to Almighty Allah in every moment and in every breath. If anyone were to f...

Prayer of Unity
Salat ul Ahadiyya

(Salat ul Ahadiyya). This is an indication to the manifestation of the Ahadiyyah, or Oneness, and it’s manifestation in the ‘Alam an Nasut (the world of mankind) for those who have the capability to witness such Unity. It is desirable to be performe...

Prayer, one who performs

(Musalli). He who performs the prayer. Initially it is man himself who performs the prayer. Through spiritual struggle, spiritual resolve, love, yearning and Allah's Infinite Grace, man's lower self is transformed into his Higher Self. Then his praye...


(Qidam). Eternity or antiquity or pre-existence. Qidam is that which is fixed for the slave in the Knowledge of Allah.

Precise Time
Al Miqaat

(Al Miqaat). The precise time. This is an indication to the Heart – Mecca – the state of Divinity


(Athar). To prefer, have greater regard and concern for others than for oneself. To give the choices of the brothers above your own self with regard to your spiritual plane of consciousness and with regard to your worldly existence. The concept of a...


(Isti'dad) is closely connected to receptivity (infi'al). It is the readiness to receive what Allah Wills to send. This 'preparedness' was established in Pre-eternity through the Most Holy Emanation (Al Fayd al Aqdas) which gave the preparedness to ...

Preparedness of the locus
isti'dad al-mahall

(Isti'dad al Mahall). The preparedness of the locus (or place) of Self-disclosure or manifestation, to receive the Light from Allah. The purest and most prepared locus is the Perfect Man through whom Allah enters the earthly realm.


(Murajjah). A thing is brought out of non-existence into existence when preponderance is given to it by Allah, The Preponderator (al Murajjih).

Preponderator, The

(Al Murajjih). A Divine Name.


(Hadra). Presence or world or plane or level. Hadra also refers to the gathering where the collective remembrance of Allah is performed.

Presence - All Comprehensive
hadrat al-jami'a

(Hadrat al Jamia). Man as the 'All-Comprehensive Presence'. This is the Perfect Man.

Presence and absence
hudur wa ghaybah

(Hudur wa ghaybah). This is presence with Allah and absence from oneself. When Allah is there, you are not. When you are there, Allah is not. The Holy Prophet Muhammad said, 'The prayer without you is better than seventy'. May the Salutations of All...

Presence of All-Comprehensiveness
hadrat al-jam'

(Hadrat al Jam').