The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Plain texts

(Nass). This term indicates those texts in which there is no confusion or equivocality. When Self-disclosure occurs through the Name, 'the Manifest', in the realm of realities and meanings, such plain texts may then be perceived through insight. Th...


(Taladhdhudh). To take pleasure in. Sometimes it is part of Allah's deception to His slave when He permits him to take pleasure in a particular state. In looking upon the state as something arising from his own self the slave displays discourtesy tow...


(Ladhdha). This is the pleasure which is experienced in the encounter between the lover and the Beloved. It is a pleasure resulting from distance and separation. The intensity of yearning and longing for the absent Beloved increases the bliss of mee...

Pleasure of the Godhead

(Ladhdhat ul ilahiyya). The pleasure or delight of the Godhead. This is the pleasure which the Perfect Man feels pervading his entire being.


'Ahd - see 'Covenant'.

Pledge of Inititation

(Bay'ah). The pledge or rite of initiation into a Sufi Tariqa. This pledge, which in truth is a pledge between Allah and His slave, eternally bonds together the Murshid and his murid. Within the bay'ah there is a sacred moment in which the spiritual ...


(Qasida). An ode of praise and honour.


(Diwan). The dynamic and living poetry of the Great lovers of Allah. Diwani poetry acts as a vehicle for the descent of spiritual realities into the heart of the 'listener'. Coming as it does, from the Direct Knowledge (unveiling, taste, opening) and...

Poetry and Songs

(Na't). Poetry and songs in honour of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). Such poetry and song can operate on many different levels of meaning, ranging from the beautiful and simple love of Allah's Beloved...


(Qutb). The Pole or The Pivot or The Axis. Within the Sufi hierarchy the qutb occupies its peak. He is the one person in every era who forms the focus of Allah's supervision of the world. The Holy Prophet Muhammad al Mustapha (May the Salutations of ...

Pole of Poles
qutbu-l aqtab

(Qutb ul Aqtab). He is The Pole (al Qutb) around whom turns the whole cosmos. In having assumed the traits of all of the Divine Names he is the mirror of Allah. He has two names; through his essential perfection he is slave of Allah ('Abdullah), and ...


(Al Aqtab). These are the exalted friends of Allah around whom various realities of the universe turn. Every Pole (Qutb) is named by two names; firstly, through his essential perfection in manifesting the Name 'Allah', he is the 'Slave of Allah' ('A...


(Al Fuqara). The indigents or the poor. This term refers to the spiritual poverty of travellers on the Sufi Path. These travelling murids who are in need of their Spiritual Guide or Murshid, display their poverty towards him, and in so doing, they ma...

Poor One

(Faqir). The one who is poor and needy towards Allah. In gaining the knowledge that Allah is the One and Only, Who is Self-sufficient and Independent, the faqir attains to the condition of perfect slave. The faqir is the one who 'delivers his trust (...

Poor towards Allah
al-faqir ila'llah

(Faqir il Allah). The poor in comparison to Allah. This is the most exalted state for a man to attain.