The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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People of indications
Ahl al Isharat

(Ahl al Isharat).

People of perfection

(Ahl al Kamal). These are the great friends of Allah whom He has chosen to manifest His All-Comprehensive Name 'Allah' and to act as His viceregents on His earth.

People of personal opinion
ahl al-ra'y

(Ahl al Ra'y). Knowledge of Allah is based upon the Word of Allah, The Holy Qur'an, and the Practice of His Messenger Muhammad. Personal opinions are crowded with deceptions, falsehoods and vanities and therefore have no place within the Divine scien...

People of reflection
ahl al-nazar (ahl al-fikr, ahl al-uqul)

(Ahl al nathar, Ahl al fikr, Ahl al 'uqul). The People of reflection. They are the considerative thinkers.

People of saintliness

(Ahl al Wilaya). The people of saintliness and sanctity. Sainthood is a gift of Allah. Allah chooses His saints. They do not have any choice.

People of spiritual realities

(Ahl al Haqiqat). The People of spiritual realities are engaged in endless travelling in which each moment opens new and fresh realities. There is no stopping for them and there is no rest.

People of spiritual resolve

(Ahl al Himma). The people of great spiritual resolve and aspiration.

People of the bench

(Ahl al Suffa). This name refers to the early Muslims who gave up everything because of love of Allah and His Messenger.

People of the Essence

(Al Dhatiyun). 'Those who have realised the Essence' are the slaves of Allah who drink directly from the Fountain of Camphor in Paradise. They are the People of Solitude of the Absolute Essence. Their love of Allah, being total and utter, remains con...

People of the Essential Realities
ahl al-haqaiq

(Ahl al Haqaiq). Men who contemplate the Essential Realities. These are the ones who see beyond the veils which separate them from Reality.

People of the household
ahl'l Bayt

(Ahl al Bayt). The people of the Household of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace).

People of the Path
ahl'l-Tariqa (ahl'l-Tasawwuf)

(Ahl al Tariqa/Ahl al Tasawwuf). The people of the higher teachings of Islam. They follow the path (tariqa) which was set down by the Prophets of Allah and perfected by the Holy Prophet Muhammad. They are the ones who have turned towards Allah throug...

People of the Practice
ahl al-sunna

(Ahl al Sunna). These are the sincere and truthful followers of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). They endeavour to apply the Prophet's Practice to each moment of their existence. In knowing that he is th...

People of the Sacred Law
ahl ash-Shari'a

(Ahl al Sharia'). The people of the Revealed Sacred Law.

People of transition
Ahl al Fatarat

(Ahl al Fatarat). These are the people to whom no prophet or messenger was sent. They have not heard or received or had contact with them. They lived in isolation or in a time 'between' messengers and will be judged based on what knowledge of the Div...