The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Waqfah - see 'Stop'.


(Salam). In the salutations on the Prophet (salawat), greetings of Peace (salam) are given to the Holy Prophet Muhammad, after the invocation of Blessing. This is to confer stability and safety upon Allah's Beloved after the manifestation of Divine ...

Peace, The

(Al Salam). The Peace. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

Pen, The

(Al Qalam). The Pen is dipped in the Ink and writes upon the pages of the Book. Al qalam indicates the knowledge of everything, in full detail, at the primordial level of creation.


(Nadamat). Contrition or penitence or remorse. The hadith says, "Penitence is the act of returning".


(Ahl). People or relations. These are the descendants of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). The entire creation are his descendants through his light which is from the Light of Allah. The term 'ahl' specif...

People of a spiritual state
ahl'l hal

(Ahl al Hal).

People of Allah
ahl Allah

(Ahl Allah). This title embraces the entire humanity, but there are many degrees within the Ahl Allah. These are the various levels of 'knowing Allah', for it is in knowing Allah that one is brought near to Allah. Amongst humanity there are people wh...

People of binding, limiting and restricting
ahl 'aql wa-taqyid wa-hasr

(Ahl 'aql wa taqyid wa hasr). These are the people who bind and restrict Allah Almighty within the confines of their own limited beliefs.

People of blame

(Al Malamatiyya). These are the Perfect Ones. Their exteriors never disclose the reality of their interiors. They are those who know and are not known. Al malamatiyya are Allah's perfect slaves, Allah's perfect lovers, Allah's perfect knowers. They ...

People of consideration

(Ahl al nathar), Those who consider. This term implies the philosophers and is synonymous with The People of reflection and the rational thinkers.

People of exoteric learning
ahl al-rusum

(Ahl al Rusum). The people of exoteric, outer learning.

People of great resolution
ahl'l 'asm

(Ahl al 'Asm). The people of great resolution are the ones who direct all their efforts and time towards their Only Goal - Allah. They are also called 'The People of great spiritual resolve and aspiration' (Ahl al Himma).

People of hearing
ahl as-sama'

(Ahl as-sama'). The people of hearing who hear only Allah within the creatures and the creation. When they listen to the 'spiritual concert', (be it within the sama' or within each moment of existence) it is Allah who they are hearing. They hear Alla...

People of imperfection
ahl al-naqs

(Ahl al Naqs). The people of perfection are rare. They are Allah's chosen friends. And, although the people of imperfection are numerous, each man has the innate potential to strive for perfection. It is his 'reason to be'. Those who enter the Spirit...