The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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nubuwwa al 'ammah

(Nubuwwa al 'ammah) is the type of prophecy possessed by the Great Sufis.

nubuwwatu'l ikhtisas

(Nubuwwat ul ikhtisas). It is the specific prophecy that is possessed by each one of the Prophets of Allah.


(Nabi). A Prophet is a friend of Allah (Wali) who possesses unique knowledge of the Unseen Worlds. Allah has sent 124,000 Prophets to humanity to show them the Way of Returning to Allah. The Prophets are under the Command of Allah to invite people to...

Prophetic saying
hadith nabawi

(Hadith Nabawi). A statement by the Holy Prophet Muhammad which is a Direct Revelation but is expressed in the Prophet's own words. May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace. Within the higher teaching many such sayings are considered sound ...

Prophets of Allah

(Anbiya). The Prophets of Allah (Peace be upon all of them), each one of whom was sent to mankind to show him the Way of Return to his Origin.

Propitious, The
Al Naafi'

(Al Naafi'). One of the beautiful Names of Allah.

sajda (sujud)

(Sajda pl. Sujud). The sajda, which is the culminating position in the ritual prayer, is the supreme symbol of humility, surrender and unconditional love of Allah. The slave and worshipper is annihilated in the One. When the heart prostrates, it neve...

sujud (sajda)

(Sujud/ Sajda). Sujud is the outward symbol of the self-effacement of the slave in his Lord. It is the lover's annihilation in the Beloved. If it is Allah Who you want, get down in the dust. Prostrate before the One and Only.


(Ma'sum). Allah favours certain of His slaves through preserving them from attributing the acts to themselves. Through His jealousy for them He preserves their courtesy and their slavehood. This term is specific to the Prophets and Messengers of All...

Protected by Allah

(Mahfuz). Protected and guarded and preserved. The great saints are guarded and protected by Allah. Allah is jealous for His lovers, desiring that their love be for Allah Alone. So Allah Almighty guards their hearts against the entry of the 'other'. ...

Protector, The

(Al Hafiz). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


Rizq - see 'Sustenance'.

Pseudo mystic

(Batini). This may also refer to the mystic who is so totally immersed in the 'inward' that he has neglected the 'outward'. This is an inferior condition and one of imbalance.

Punisher, The

(Al Darr). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


(Safi). The heart that is purified by love of Allah is called safi.