The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Presence of Angels
hadarat al-malakut

(Hadarat al Malakut). This Presence is sometimes referred to as the Second Determination, 'The Lote Tree of the Uttermost Boundary' (Sidrat al Muntaha) and the World of Imagination ('Alam al Khayal.)

Presence of Images or Similitudes
hadrat al-muthul

(Hadrat al Muthul).

Presence of Imagination
hadrat al-khayal

(Hadrat al Khayal).

Presence of Man
hadrat al-insan

(Hadrat al Insan).

Presence of Sense Perception
hadarat al-hiss

(Hadarat al Hiss).

Presence of the All-Compelling
hadarat al-jabarut

(Hadarat al Jabarut). This Presence is also known as the First Descent, the Reality of Muhammad and the Inscribed Book.

Presence of the Divine
al-hadrat al-ilahiyya

(Al Hadarat al ilahiyya).

Presence of the Essence
hadarat al-dhatiyyah

(Al Hadarat al Dhatiyyah). The Presence of the Essence is the Absolute Unknowableness, Sheer Being, Pure Ipseity, the Unknown of the Unknown. This is the Presence of the Mother of the Book. Below it, in the Presence of the All-Compelling, the Mother ...

Presence of the Names
hadarat al-asma'

(Hadarat al Asma').

Presence of the Unknowable
hadarat al-ghayb

(Al Hadarat al Ghayb).

Presence of Witnessing
hadra shuhudiyya

(Hadra Shuhudiyya). This Presence is also called the Creation and human nature.

Presence with Allah

(Hudur) is the heart's presence with Allah when it is absent from everything else. The slave can never be present with Allah except through one of His Beautiful Names and in so doing a state of perfect spiritual courtesy is maintained.

Presences- Divine

Hadarat - see Divine Presences.

Preserved Tablet
lauh al-mahfuz

(Lawh al Mahfuz). The Inscribed or Preserved Tablet upon which the Supreme Pen writes the destinies of all creation. Lawh al Mahfuz is also called the Universal Soul..


(Mutsawwif). The one who pretends to have mystic knowledge. Through such pretence the mutsawwif becomes a danger to himself and others. While being held firmly in the grip of his own lower self, this pretender alleges that he can guide others to the...