The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Inqiyad) is that type of obedience or submission which is indicated by the first Islam. It is obedience 'on the tongue', not within the heart.


(Ta'ah). The one who wants to know Reality must strive in all his acts of obedience until Allah becomes his hearing, his seeing and all of his other faculties. Obedience to, and supreme respect of, the Sacred Law is essential from the outset on the S...

Obedient One

(Muti'). The obedient one. He is the one who fulfills the Qur'anic injunction, "He who obeys the Messenger obeys Allah".

Object of an act

(Maf'ul). The object of an act (not the agent of the act). The Lover of Allah, through whom Allah sees, hears, speaks, walks and grasps is the object of the act and Allah is the True Agent.

Object of desire

(Murad). The object of desire. For the seeker on the Spiritual Journey the Object of desire (Murad) is Allah. As he journeys, purifying his heart through the remembrance of Allah, he experiences numerous lesser annihilations. After the first of the t...

Object of knowledge

(Ma'lum). The object of knowledge. Allah, as the Knower (al 'Alim) requires an object of knowledge (ma'lum), just as the Powerful (al qadir) requires an object of power (maqdur) etc.

Object of knowledge-nonmanifest

(Ma'lumi Ma'dum). The entity who has not yet been brought into existence through the Divine Command and is therefore in a state of 'relative' non-existence, is known by Allah within His Eternal Knowledge. This entity is the 'known non-existent' .

Object of Power

(Maqdur). The object of power over which the Divine Name the All-Powerful al Qadir has power. Al Qadir demands the existence of the maqdur.

Object of vision

(Manzur). For the Perfect Men of Allah the Object of vision is always Allah Who they perceive through the forms of the creation.

Object of vision

(Mar'I). The object of vision, which is Allah, is light and that through which the perceiver perceives Allah is light. Light returns to the root from which it became manifest. None sees Allah but Allah. This perception depends upon the light carried ...

Objects of Mercy

(Marhum). Everything in existence is an object of Mercy having become manifest through the Mercy (Rahma) of the All Merciful Himself . Allah's Mercy continually showers down and covers everything. We are surrounded by and immersed in the Divine Merc...

Objects of perception

(Mudrakat). The objects of perception, of necessity, must possess manifestation in order for them to be perceived.


Wujub - see 'Necessity'.

Obligatory works

(Fara'id) are those acts which are to be performed or avoided and which Allah has made incumbent and unequivocally necessary for His slaves.


(Mahq). Obliteration indicates the obliteration and annihilation of the slave's being in the Essence of Allah.