The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Ism) is The Name. The Name implies that which is Named. Al ism refers to the particular Divine Name which determines the immediate state of the heart of the slave.

Name of the Essence
ism dhat

(Ism Dhat). This is the Name 'Allah'.

Named by the Names

(Musamma). He Who is Named by the Names. Allah is the One Who is Named by the Names. It is through the Remembrance (dhikr) of His Names that the one who remembers may reach the Named Himself. The Essence Itself is Named by all the Names but there is ...

Named thing
musamma wujudi

(Musamma wujudi). The ontological named thing. This is Allah Himself. Allah is Named by every Name, Described by every Attribute and Qualified by every Description. When a Name becomes attached to an existent thing it is only attached to it insofar a...


(Asma). Names. The Names designate permanent 'aspects' of the Essence. Every Name has a meaning and a form. The meaning of every Name is Allah. It is only through the Names, all of which are Allah's, that we have access to Knowledge of Allah. The Div...

Names of the Divine Activities
asma' af'aliyyah

(Asma afaliyyah).The Names expressing the Divine Activities. These are the Qualitative Names (Asma sifatiyyah) such as He-Who-Gives-Life (al Muhyi) and He-Who-Gives-death (al Mumit).

Names of Allah
asma' Allah

(Asma Allah). The Names of Allah. These are limitless because they become known by what comes out of them and what comes out of them is limitless.

Names of Beauty
asma' jamaliyyah

(Asma Jamaliyyah). The Names of Beauty. These Names relate to Allah's similarity) and are demanded by the fact that Mercy precedes Wrath and Light erases darkness. The Names of Beauty include such Names as The Friend (al Wali), The Subtle (al Latif),...

Names of Majesty
asma' jalaliyyah

(Asma Jalaliyyah). These Names relate to Allah's Incomparability and are demanded by the very fact of Allah's Being and our nonexistence. The Names of Majesty include such Names as The Tremendous (al 'Azim), The Overpowering (al Qahhar). When the tra...

Names of Nobility
asma' ash-sharif

(Asma ash-Sharif). The Noble Names. These are the ninety-nine noble names by which the Holy Prophet Muhammad is named, may the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace.

Names of Subtlety and Gentleness
asma' lutfiyyah

(Asma Lutfiyyah). The Subtle and Gentle Names which are connected to Allah's Beauty and Loving kindness.

Names of the Essence
asma' dhatiyyah

(Asma Dhatiyyah). These are the Names which express the Pure Transcendence of the Essence. They are distinct from the Qualitative Names (Asma Sifatiyyah). The Names expressing the Essence include The One (al Ahad), The Most Holy (al Quddus) and The I...

Names of the Inward
Asma al Batiniyyah

(Asma al Batiniyyah).

Names of the Qualities
asma' sifatiyyah

(Asma Sifatiyyah). The Names of the Qualities.

Names of the World
asma' al-'alam

(Asma al Alam). The names of the world. All of the names of the world derive from the One Source, Allah. Everything in existence has come out from non-existence in the Knowledge of Allah, through the Divine Command "Be!". Everything is from Allah. Ev...