The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Knowledge of the Exoteric
al-'ilm al-rasmi

('Ilm al Rasmi).

Knowledge of the intellect
'ilm al-'aql

('Ilm al 'Aql).

Knowledge of the Inward
'ilm al-batini

('Ilm al Batini). Because Allah is the Outwardly Manifest (al Thahir) and the Inwardly Hidden (al Batin) Knowledge of Allah necessarily encompasses both the Inward and the Outward aspects of existence.

Knowledge of the Outward
'ilm al-zahir

('Ilm al Thahir). This term generally applies to that knowledge possessed by the Doctors of Law. However, because Allah is the Inwardly Hidden (Al Batin) and the Outwardly Manifest (Al Thahir), to attain to True Knowledge of Allah, knowledge of both...

Knowledge of the particulars

(Juz'iyyat). Contained within Allah's Knowledge of the universals is His Knowledge of the particulars. Nothing is excluded from Allah's Eternal Knowledge.

Knowledge of the Secrets
'ilm al-asrar

('Ilm al Asrar).

Knowledge of the Spiritual States
'ilm al-ahwal

('Ilm al Ahwal).

Knowledge of the state

('Ilm al hal). This knowledge is the contemplation, within the heart, of the mystery of the state which is between the slave and his Lord.

Knowledge of the Unseen
'ilm al-ghayb

('Ilm al Ghayb). This Knowledge is a gift of Allah's Grace which He gives to whosoever He Wills.

Knowledge or science

('Ilm) is the analytical and indirect knowledge which results from investigation and study. 'Ilm is contrasted with ma'rifa, the direct knowledge which occurs through the experiences of tasting (dhawq), opening (fath) and unveiling (kashf). Generally...

Knowledge- unlettered
al-'ilm al-ummi

('Ilm al Ummi). This is knowledge which is not acquired through reflection and consideration. It is God-given knowledge.

Known non-existent
Ma'lum aI ma'dum

(Ma'lum aI ma'dum). The known non-existent. The entity who has not yet been brought into existence through the Divine Command and is therefore in a state of relative non-existence, is known by Allah within His Eternal Knowledge. This entity is the kn...