The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Al 'Arif). The knower (of Allah). He is the complete and perfect man. The 'arif has been given Divine Knowledge (ma'rifa), and 'Ma'rifa is a light which Allah casts into the heart of whomsoever He Wills'. All is a gift from Allah. The Knower is the ...

Knower of Allah
'arif billah

('Arif Billah). This Man is the one who has fulfilled his 'reason to be'. He has purified himself in readiness to receive the supreme mystic knowledge which is Knowledge of Allah. It is in knowing Allah that man is drawn closer to Allah. 'The water t...

Knower through intellect
al 'aqil

(Al 'Aqil). He is the intelligent one. Al 'Aqil does not necessarily indicate the one who knows Allah through unveiling (kashf). Al 'aqil knows through reasoning, which is a lower form of knowledge.

Knower, The

(Al 'Alim). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

Knowers of Allah

(Al 'Arifin/'Urufa). They see and recognize Allah wherever they look. The knowers are bewildered. But this is not the bewilderment of being lost, rather it is the bewilderment of having found Allah. They know that He cannot be known. The knowers are...

Knowing by Allah

('Arafat) - is a state of 'knowing by Allah'.

Knowledge (Transmitted)

(Sam'iyyat). Transmitted knowledge. This knowledge, which is specific to the higher teaching, passes from Murshid to murid, down through the spiritual chain. Initially this knowledge is transmitted by means of verbal expression and subtle indications...

Knowledge direct from Allah
'ilm ladunni

('Ilm Ladunni). Divine (God-given) Knowledge. This is a sacred knowledge which has not come through reflection or consideration but has descended into the heart directly from Allah. 'Ilm ladunni is that knowledge which was given to al Khidr (Peace be...

Knowledge follows its object
al-'ilm tabi li'l-ma'lum

(Al 'ilm tabi' lil ma'lum). 'The object of knowledge determines the knowledge itself. Allah does not make a thing the way it is, rather He knows the way it is in His Knowledge. He knows that thing through knowing Himself.

Knowledge of Allah
al-'ilm bi Allah

('Ilm bi Allah). This is the knowledge which is embraced in the heart. The heart is the sacred place where man encounters Allah. The more the heart is polished with the Remembrance of Allah the greater is its capacity to receive Knowledge of Allah.

Knowledge of Allah

Ma'arifa - see 'Divine Knowledge'.

Knowledge of Allah's standing

('Ilm al Qiyam). Knowledge of Allah's standing as the slave's Observer. This is a precious knowledge in which the slave is kept in constant awareness of Allah.

Knowledge of Certainty
'ilm al-yaqin

('Ilm al Yaqin). There are three stages of Certainty - ''llm al Yaqin (The Knowledge of Certainty), 'Ayn al Yaqin (The Eye of Certainty) and Haqq al yaqin (The Truth of Certainty). When considering this triad the Knowledge of Certainty occupies the...

Knowledge of Tasting

('Ilm ul Dhawq). This Knowledge is specific to the People of the Spiritual Path (Tariqa). It is that knowledge which comes through direct experience. Those who have tasted know. Those who have not tasted tasted do not know.

Knowledge of the Absolute
'ilm al-mutlaq

('Ilm al Mutlaq).