The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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House of Allah
al-bayt Allah

(Al Bayt Allah). The House of Allah. The heart of man has the potential of becoming the most noble house of Allah. It can contain Allah, but only when it is prepared for His arrival. This preparation is the heart's purification and transformation thr...

House of Glory
al-bayt al-'izza

(Al Bayt al 'Izza). The House of Glory. This is the heart of the knower who is in a state of concentration and union (jam').

House, The Sacred
Bayt al Haram

Bayt al Haram - see 'Sacred House'.

House, The Supreme
Al Bayt al 'Ala

Al Bayt al 'Ala - see 'Supreme House'.


(Kayf). 'How?' The question which every murid must ask himself, when endeavouring to fulfil an order or direction from his Murshid is, 'How can this be fulfilled?'. He should not concern himself with 'Why (or when) does this have to be done?', for t...


'He'. Hu stands for the Essence Itself. It stands for 'He Who is Absent'. Dhikr of 'Hu' is one of the most powerful words of Remembrance. When the lover is annihilated in the Essence Itself, there is no duality, no dhikr of 'Hu' - only Oneness, only ...


The Prophet Hud (Peace be upon him) through whose Word descended the Wisdom of Uniqueness (Al Hikmat al Ahadiyyah).

Human Constitution

(Mizaj). The human constitution. The mizaj reflects the preparedness of the immutable entity on the corporeal level.

Human Constitution - harmonious
mizaj mustaqim

(Mizaj Mustaqim). The harmonious human constitution. This refers to that particular human constitution which is in a state of balance and harmony and is therefore prepared to receive Knowledge of Allah.

Human Nature

(Bashariyya). Human nature. Spiritual music enables the spiritually mature man to come to rest from all the burdens of the human state (bashariyya). It opens, within him, the divine mysteries and connects his yearning heart to the World of the Spirit...

Human Nature

(Nasut). The nasut is the realm of humanity and creation. It is the human nature into which the Divine Nature is infused.


(Insaniyyah). Humanness or human nature.


(Khudu'). There can be no true advance along the Spiritual Path without humility. However, it is the hardest quality to assume. Man is not easily humbled.


(Nifaq). While in Union it becomes hypocrisy for the slave to affirm the 'other-than-Allah'.


(Munafiq). The hypocrite manifests the form of a man of faith in his outward practice, but his inner dimension is devoid of belief and faith. Hypocrisy is making the form manifest without the meaning. It is the work of the lower self. The Murshid di...