The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Ghilza). Harshness is one of the attributes in man's innate disposition. This harshness can be transformed into gentleness through endeavouring to assume the noble character traits and by turning to the Remembrance of His Most Holy Name, Allah.


(Huwa). This is the Supreme Self, the Non-Manifest Being. Huwa indicates the Essence Itself which is always in the Unseen and remains in Itself Incomparable.

He - ness

(Huwiyyah). The Reality in the world of the Unseen. It is the Inward aspect of Abstract Oneness or Unity (Al Ahadiyyah). This is Being, totally Hidden and Unknowable. This is the Hidden Treasure. This is the placeless 'place' to which Allah's intoxic...

He brings opposites together
jam'uhu al-diddayn

(Jam'uhu al Diddayn). When asked, 'Through what do you know Allah?' one of the Masters answered, 'Through the fact that He brings opposites together'.

He is He
Huwa Huwa

(Huwa Huwa). Allah is Allah. The Essence is the Essence. The Unknowable is the Unknowable. He is He. This is the bewildering bewilderment (Hayrah).

He who knows his own Self, knows his Lord
man'arafa nafsahu 'arafa rabbah

(Man' arafa nafsahu 'arafa Rabbah). This hadith contains the very essence of the Sufi Teaching and is therefore one of the strongest supports of the higher teaching. In knowing one's own self one attains to Knowledge of Allah. But this is not Knowled...

He who subsists by Himself
al-qaimu bi-dhatihi

(Qa'imu bi Dhatihi). He Who Subsists by Himself. This is Allah, the Absolute. Allah, the Living. Allah, the Ever Self-Subsisting.

He, Not He
Huwa, la Huwa

(Huwa, la Huwa). This dynamic phrase contains the secret and mystery and the ultimate paradox of existence. Everything is 'He' (Huwa) and everything is 'not He' (la Huwa). The knowers and lovers of Allah have penetrated this mystery and are utterly ...


(Shifa'). The divine physician dispenses the correct dosage of medicine to bring his patients (murids) to a state of spiritual equilibrium and restore their harmonious constitution. This is the True Healing.


(Sam'). The first words heard by man were those of the Divine Address in Pre-eternity when Allah said, "Am I not your Lord?" ("Alastu bi Rabbikum"). During the spiritual concert (sama') the true hearer hears and finds Allah within his ecstasy. At suc...


Sama' - see 'Spiritual Concert'.


(Qalb). The human heart is the place of constant change and fluctuation. It is the supra-rational organ of intuition where the Transcendent Realities enter into contact with man. The heart is the isthmus between this world and the next. The battlefie...

Heart of the heart

(Fu'ad). This is that aspect of the heart which is connected with gnosis (ma'rifa). When the Fu'ad is activated, the resulting energy affects the entire body, but specifically the solar plexus and the liver.


Jannah - see 'Paradise'.

Heavenly Steed

(Buraq). The Heavenly Steed upon which the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) made his Night Journey and Ascension. Buraq is the steed of Divine Attraction and overwhelming love and longing (shawq) which carrie...