The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Rida'). To appear clothed with the attributes of the Real.


('Inayah). The Grace of Allah surrounds us. We are immersed in His Loving-Kindness. Each step of the Journey of Return to Allah is taken through His Grace. Without Allah we can do nothing.

Grace and Entitlement
Minnatu wal istihqaaq

(Minnatu wal istihqaaq). (Favour, Grace, Gift and One’s due or Entitlement) – In the Realities of things, the Love is from the Generosity of Allah (al Karam al Ilahi). These two loves (favour and entitlement), are different because one is a love th...

Grace of Allah

(An Ni'mah).The Grace of Allah. His Grace is an aspect of His Mercy. Ultimately, every spiritual experience, every unveiling, every tasting, every drinking and every quenching is through the Divine Grace. Without Allah's Grace man can do nothing.


('Azamah). Grandeur and Tremendousness. This is Allah's Majesty which overwhelms His slaves and fills them with awe.


(Kibriya'). Magnificence or grandeur. Kibriya' indicates the Glorious Divine Grandeur which is the symbol for Allah in His Overwhelming Radiant Greatness. Allah's Grandeur destroys everything within His lovers and intoxicates them in the same manner ...

Grateful, The

(Ash-Shakur). The Grateful. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


(Shukr). Gratitude or thankfulness. The station of gratitude indicates an all-pervading awareness of the immensity of Allah's Grace upon His slave. The man who combines gratitude with patience is the man of wisdom.


(Imtinaan). Gratitude or indebtedness – Comes under the Name Al Manaan (The Giver of all Good).

Graveyards of the Real
Maqbarat ul Haqq

(Maqbarat ul Haqq). These are the hearts of those who are in a state of forgetfulness. Their heart is the centre of divine knowledge and the realities of the Real, however, because they do not recognize this Real knowledge within them – it becomes l...

Great Defender, The
Al Naseer

(Al Naseer). The Great Defender. One of the beautiful Names of Allah.

Great Man
insan kabir

(Insan Kabir). This term is applied to the universe, the macrocosm. The signs of Allah are on the horizons, in the macrocosm, and within ourselves, the microcosm. The universe is the great man (Insan Kabir) and man is the small world or universe ('A...

Great, The

(Al Kabir). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

Greater Holy War
jihad al-akbar

(Jihad al Akbar). This is the constant and vigilant inner warfare against ignorance, the passions and the vices of the lower self which drag man downwards away from Allah. It is the real struggle against the inner enemies, the inner unbelievers and t...

Greatest absence from self

(Ghaybiyyatul Kubra). The greatest absence from self. This absence is indicated by His Words, "By no means can you see Me", (The Qur'an 7:143). Only Allah sees Allah. "When Allah is there, you are not".