The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Tasbih) is to glorify Allah by declaring His Incomparability (tanzih). Allah cannot be glorified through a positive quality because 'Nothing is like unto Him'. Tasbih is closely connected to tanzih. The Qur'an says, "Glory be to Allah (He is) above ...

Glorified, The

(Al Subbuh). The Glorified - a Divine Name.

Glory be to Allah
Subhan Allah

(Subhan Allah). A form of glorification of Allah.


(Ilah). God or Deity. This word indicates 'god', with a small 'g', as compared with the only true God Who is Allah. But, in Reality "there is no god other than Allah" (La ilaha il Allah).


(Ladunni). 'God-given' refers to that type of knowledge which was given to the Prophet al Khidr (Peace be upon him). This knowledge comes directly from the Presence of Allah. It does not come through research, reflection or reason. Ladunni is that di...

Going up

('Uruj). This is the ascent of the traveller from the Causal World to the World of Similitudes, then to the World of Spirits, then to the Reality of Muhammad and, ultimately, through the Grace of Allah, to the Essence Itself.

Good News

(Bushra). Good news and glad tidings which may be heralded within dreams and visions or may arrive in the heart while under the powerful influence of a spiritual state (Hal).

Good Pleasure

(Ridhwan). Allah's Good Pleasure is His acceptance of His slave. Ridwan is even greater than Paradise. The slave has arrived at his 'Well-Pleasing Self' which is the stage just prior to his being assimilated into the Essence Itself.

Good things

(Khayrat). All the good things were brought to humanity by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). They are the things which will ensure man's felicitous Return to Allah.

Good, The

(Akhyar). Within the Sufi hierarchy there are three hundred who are called 'The Good'.


(Khayr). Allah is the Sovereign Good. All goodness derives from Allah. Allah is not Goodness because He Wills to be Goodness, but rather He Wills Goodness because Goodness is what Allah Is in His Essence. Khayr is everything that is positive, useful...

Goodness - Sheer
al-khayr al-mahd

(Khayr al Mahd). Allah, as Being Itself, is Sheer Goodness.


(Tadbir). Governing or arranging. The spirit governs the body in two ways. Firstly in a manner which is intrinsic and of its very essence, and secondly in a manner which must be acquired through spiritual maturity and conscious effort. The spirit gov...

Governing control

(Tahakkum). This is an attribute of the friends of Allah. It designates an inward spiritual and mental activity that may bring extraordinary events into existence.

Governor, The

(Al Waali). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.