The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(The Qur'an 6.95-96)


(Wajh). The face or special aspect of a thing. This is its reality. The knower and lover sees only Allah. When looking at the creatures he sees either the Faces of the Absolute or the Divine Faces. Every existent thing is a face of the Absolute. Ever...

Face of Allah
wajh Allah

(Wajh Allah). This is the Transcendent Essence of everything or the inner reality of each entity. "Wherever you turn, there is the Face (Reality) of Allah" (The Qur'an 2:115).

Face to face vision

('Iyan). This term suggests that there are still two faces to have vision of each other. The lover is not yet lost in the Beloved, absorbed by the camphor or drowned in the Ocean. He is still looking.

al-wajh al-khass

(Al Wajh al khass). This is the face of Allah turned toward, and specific to, every created existent. Between each thing and the wajh al khass there is no intermediary.

Faculty of form-giving
al-quwwat al-musawwira

(Quwwat al musawwira). The form-giving faculty.

Faculty of Reason
al-quwwat al-mufakkira

(Quwwat al mufakkira). The faculty of reason.

Faculty, Imaginal
al-quwwat al-mutakhayyila

(Quwwat al mutakhayyila). The imaginal faculty.


(Iman) is to feel secure and safe. Iman is belief, and it is the verbal expression of that belief and it is putting that belief into practice. It is the second rung on the ladder to perfection: verbal surrender (Islam), faith (Iman), perfection (Ihsa...

Al Mu'min

(Al Mu'min). The Believer, the Source and Guardian of Faith. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah. See Holy Qur'an 59:23.


(Batil). Error or falsehood. Batil is that which is unreal. It is naught. It is non existence. Batil is everything that is other-than-Allah, because Allah is al Haqq, the Real, the Creative Truth. The knower knows that there is no falsehood. He knows...


(Zur). He who says there is another way to Allah, different from what Allah has laid down in His Sacred Law, has spoken a falsehood, and should not be trusted. He who says there is a different means with which to reach Allah, other than the Holy Pro...


(Ulfa). This is one of the waystationson the Journey of Return. In this waystation the traveller is joined to a group of the Messengers from whom he receives certain sciences and knowledge. Through these newly unveiled knowledges he is able to distin...

Farewell Circumambulation
Tawaaf al Widaa’

(Tawaaf al Widaa’).