The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Raqs) is the rhythmic motion or whirling which may occur under the powerful influence of the spiritual concert. It is an outward sign which comes from submersion in the Remembrance of Allah.


(Khatar). This term signifies the danger of relying on reflection because reflection is a state that is not preserved from error. Khatar also implies the danger faced by advanced ones on the Path who think they can leave the Sacred Law.


(Thulmaa). Non-existence or nothingness is pure darkness. Creation is the isthmus between the Light of Allah and the darkness of non-existence.


(Dawud). The Prophet David (Peace be upon him) through whose Word descended the Wisdom of Existence (al hikmat al wujudiyyah).

Day of Gathering
yawm al-hashr

(Yawm al hashr). This is the Day of Judgement. For the friends of Allah the Day of Gathering is the time of 'gathering together' everything that is in a state of separation. It is seeing only Unity while in this realm of multiplicity. This is the Div...

Days of Allah
ayyam Allah

(Ayyam Allah). The Days of Allah. These are the epiphanies by which Allah reveals His Perfections. Every 'day' He is upon some task. In every indivisible instant there is recreation within each existent.

Dear One
Al 'Aziz

Al 'Aziz - see also 'Powerful'.


(Mawt). This refers to that type of death which is the removal of oneself from one specific condition to another condition. Within the higher teaching there are four deaths which the traveller (salik) must undergo on his Journey to Allah. These are t...


(Makr). Allah's deception of His servant or the stratagem through which He tests mankind. Allah may give to a man the continuation of Divine favours despite that man's opposition to His command or Allah may grant knowledge to a servant but deprive hi...


(Talbis). A quality of deception. The talbis where the appearance of a thing is contrary to its reality is a deception which cannot belong to anyone except Allah. The traveller is duped (talbis) when he becomes tempted, by shaytan or by his own self,...

Deception of the ego
makr nafsi

(Makr Nafsi). The deception of the ego. This deception is one of the greatest of barriers on the Path to Perfection. The downward-pulling tendencies of the lower-self (nafs) ceaselessly endeavour to exercise their power over the slave. The self is ma...


(Qada'). The decree or predetermination. Qada' is the universal decree of Allah concerning the entities of the existents as the entities are in themselves before their existence. It is His decree concerning the states that will occur for them from Et...

Deeply Rooted

(Rusukh). A station is every attribute which has become deeply rooted (rusukh) within the wayfarer and therefore cannot be left behind. These include the attributes such as repentance, patience, trust, etc. This 'deep rootedness' of the noble charac...

Degree / level

(Martaba). Degree, grade, level, rank, standing, station, class. Martaba indicates the position of a thing in the hierarchy of the cosmos.


(Ta'alluh). Deification. In the higher teaching, this term indicates the condition when the slave becomes drowned in the Name 'Allah'. Here there is no seeing and no hearing and no speaking. All is Allah. All of the senses have been spiritualized an...