The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Zawiyyah). The transmission of the Divine Wisdom which flows from the Murshid to his murids traditionally takes place in a space or room or building, which is set aside specifically for that sacred purpose. Such a place is called a zawiyyah, which ...

Corporeal bodies

(Ajsam). Within the imaginal realm there occurs the spiritualization of the corporeal bodies and the corporealization of the spirits.

Corporeal body

(Jasad) refers to those imaginal objects which are witnessed in the World of Imagination. This is the appearance of a corporeal body in the imaginal realm. The reality of imagination is to embody that which is not properly a body.


(Idafa). Correlations or relationships. The Divine Names demand relationships because the Divine Names are what make the cosmos manifest. The Powerful (Al Qadir) demands the object of power (Maqdur). The Merciful (Ar Rahman) demands an object of merc...


(Fasad). Corruption or mischief. When Allah Almighty informed the angels that He was going to create man, they replied, "What, will You place therein one who will do corruption therein, and shed blood?" (The Qur'an 2:30). In being created man was cas...

Cosmos, The
Al 'Aalim

(Al 'Aalim). The Cosmos. One of the beautiful Names of Allah. This Name is related to Kawn and Kun.


(Mithaq or 'Ahd). The Covenant refers to that 'event' or 'day' in pre-existence when all of the children of Adam bore witness to Allah's Lordship over them; Allah asked his non-existent creation, "Am I not your Lord?". They answered, "Yes, we bear w...


(Sitr). Curtain or veil or covering or concealment. That which veils you from that which will make 'you' disappear. Also known as the 'wrapping of the universe'. In reality, Allah does not place anything behind a curtain. That which covers the Truth...

Covering the truth

(Kufr). Misbelief or denial and suppression of the Truth or covering-up of the Truth. Taken negatively misbelief (Kufr) is a belief that will lead to wretchedness. However when taken positively the real kufr is the dissolution of 'I-ness' in the 'I-...

Covering the truth (in reality)

(Kufr haqiqi). Real suppression and covering-up. The knower and lover of Allah has departed from metaphorical Islam and entered into the real covering-up of the Truth (Kufr Haqiqi). Real Kufr is the covering-up of one's inner reality and not exposing...

Created things

(Makhluqat). The creatures or created things.


(Khalq). Creation itself or the phenomenal world. Khalq refers to the creation which is the result of the Creator's Command, "Be!" ("Kun!"). The term al Khalq (creation) is often applied as the opposite of al Haqq (the Creative Truth). The first thin...

Creation itself

(Makhluq). Allah, as the Creator (al Khalq), demands the existence of a creation, and the creation demands its Creator. There must be a cosmos because the divine realities demand it.

Creative Truth, The
Al Haqq

Al Haqq - see 'Truth, The'.

Creator of Good, The

(An Nafi). The Creator of Good. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.