The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Charismatic gifts

Karamat - see 'Miracles'.


(Sadaqa). A gift which is given purely in the Way of Allah. Such a gift is free from any taint of expected reward or thanks. The greatest gift which a man can give is his own existence through total and unconditional love and surrender to Allah.


(Satwa) is Allah's Chastisement of His slaves. Within the world of the breaths, which is the world that is unveiled during Allah's Self-disclosure, each breath is an assault of the awe of that Self-disclosure.


(Sadr) is a term indicating the chest or breast which has been expanded and opened to accept and embrace Islam. In contrast however, the surrender to Real Islam takes place within every atom of the Muslim.


(Futuwwah). Chivalry. This is 'heroic generosity', a code of honourable conduct following the examples of the Prophets, saints, sages, friends and lovers of Allah. It is exemplified by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon h...

Chosen One

See - 'Mustapha'.


(Halqa). This is the spiritual gathering in which the members of a tariqa devote themselves to the Remembrance of Allah (Dhikrullah). Each 'one who remembers' becomes like a link in a circular chain. Immense spiritual energy (Barakah) can be attract...


(Tawaaf). To reach the knowing of the Essence of your being, how it has come to be manifested within your own existence and how it has come to be the way it is. Circulation around the Ka’aba seven times is an indication to the seven states of consc...

Circumambulation - Completion
Tawaf al Ifadah

(Tawaf al Ifadah). The completion circumambulation represents the continuation of elevations and the Divine manifestations.

Circumambulation - Farewell
Tawaaf al Wida'

(Tawaaf al Wida'). The farewell circumambulation is an indication to the wonderful gift of guidance to Allah through the awareness of the states of consciousness.

Clear Sight

(Firasa). Perspicacity or clear sightedness.

Clear sight through faith
al-firasat al-imaniyya

(Firasat al Imaniyya). 'Perspicacity through faith'. This is a Divine light which Allah gives to the person of faith in his inner eye (basirah). 'Perspicacity through faith' is gained through assuming the noble character traits in perfect harmony, ba...

Clement, The

(Ar-Ra'uf). The All Clement. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah. Allah Almighty bestowed this Beautiful Name upon His Beloved, The Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and peace).

Al 'Ama

Al 'Ama - see 'Blindness' and 'Air' (Hawa').


Jabr - see 'Compulsion'.