The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Absolute Reality
haqq al-mutlaq

(Haqq al Mutlaq).

Absolute Unknown
al-ghayb al-mutlaq

(Ghayb al Mutlaq). The Absolute Unknown or Pure Non-Manifestation. The Unknowable Essence Itself. This is alluded to in the words, "None knows Allah but Allah" and "Allah is, and there is nothing with Him".


(Ta'afouf). To abstain from. The suspension of the marital relationship between husband and wife during the Hajj is an Indication to the elevation of utilisation of existence; connecting oneself to the Divine Nature, thereby surpassing the human elem...


(Wara'). During the initial stages on the Journey of Return there is an increase in abstinence which is brought about through fear of Allah. Abstinence, ascetic discipline and spiritual struggle are indispensable when the murid is struggling to achi...

Acceptor, The
Al Qaabil

(Al Qaabil). The Acceptor (this word has a shared root with Qibla - direction and Qaabila - midwife). One of the beautiful Names of Allah.


('Arad). Accident. The entire cosmos is a collection of accidents and because 'The accident does not remain for two moments' the cosmos undergoes continual change.

Acting through spiritual resolve
al-fi'l bi'l-himma

(Fi'l bil himma). Through exerting his powers of concentration the mature and advanced Sufi can produce effects in the outside world, yet, even though he 'can' act in such a manner, his Slavehood or Servitude does not allow him to do so, except in co...


(Af'al). Human actions or deeds. Allah created man, but to what extent did He create man's actions and works? This question of free will and predestination should not be a major concern to the traveller to Allah. He must occupy his time and devote hi...

Actions of the Divine
al-af'al al-ilahiyyah

(Af'al al Ilahiyyah). The Divine Activities. These are indicated by Names such as 'He Who gives life' and 'He Who gives death'.


(Fi'l). Activity or action.


The Prophet Adam (Peace be upon him) through whose Word descended the Divine Wisdom.

Address (of the Real One)

(Fahwaniyyah). An address of the Real One (Allah) by means of face-to-face encounter in the world of analogies and images.


(Tahalli) is to become adorned with the Divine Attributes. However, the most complete and the purest adornment is to be adorned with the attributes of slavehood. Slavehood is that total and complete servitude which contains not the slighest hint of L...


(Mawaddat). Spiritual intoxication may arise from drinking the wine of affection. This affection is caused through regarding the graces and benefits which come from Allah. Such affection may lead to Love..

Affectionate, The
Al 'Atouf

(Al 'Atouf). The Affectionate. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.