The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Attributes of Lordliness
al-sifat al-rabbaniyya

(Sifat ar Rabbaniyya). When man assumes the Divine character traits he gains the attributes which are associated with Lordship These lordly attributes (al sifat ar rabbaniyya) may then become manifest within certain people of the Path who make a dis...

Attributes of Majesty
nu'ut al-jalal

(Nu'ut al Jalal). These are the Attributes which are required by the profession of Incomparability and negation of likeness.

Attributes of Similarity
sifat al-tashbih

(Sifat al Tashbih).

Attributes of the lower self
sifat-i bashariyya

(Sifat-i-bashariyya). The fleshly attributes of the lower self which must be transformed in order for man to travel on the Spiritual Path.

Attributes of the Self (Positive)
sifa nafsiyya thubutiyya

(Sifat nafsiyya thubutiyya ). The Positive Attributes of the Self. Knowledge of the 'positive attributes' is impossible, because the Essence is beyond definition and therefore beyond positive Attributes. Such an attribute would define and limit the E...


Sama' - see 'Spiritual concert'.

Avenger, The

(Al Muntaqim). A Divine Name.


(Haybah). The awe or reverential fear experienced by the slave when faced by the Incomparability of Allah, His Majesty and Transcendence, His Inaccessibility, Magnificence and Power. Such a state of godfearingness ensures that the slave will keep him...

Bad Manners
su al-adab

(Su al adab). Blatant discourtesy or bad manners. Su al adab is the discourtesy towards any thing or moment or circumstance, which in reality is discourtesy towards Allah. Discourtesy is the bitter fruit of ignorance. Increase in Knowledge of Allah b...


Mizan - see 'Scale'.

Banner of Praise
liwa' al-hamd

(Liwa al Hamd). This is the Banner which will belong to the Holy Prophet Muhammad on the Day of Resurrection. The Banner of Praise is his banner because his praise, which is none other than The Qur'an, is the complete and most elevated of all praise...

Base Character Traits
safsaf al-akhlaq

(Safsaf al Akhlaq). These are the ugly vices within man which prevent him from being with his Lord. It is through the spiritual alchemy of the Remembrance of Allah that the base character traits may be transformed into noble ones.


(Kan). To 'be' or that which 'is'. Kan derives from 'existence' (kawn) which is identical with 'being' (wujud). This is clearly stated in the words of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace), "Allah is (kan), an...

Be (bringing to being)

(Takwin). Bringing to be or making manifest or coming into existence. This is an Attribute of Allah which becomes manifest within His friends. However, if they are among the Great Men, their courtesy towards Allah will prevent them from exercising th...


(Kun). The Word of Divine Command through which existence is bestowed upon the fixed entities.